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 Mission Revival From an Apparent Hiatus

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PostSubject: Mission Revival From an Apparent Hiatus   2nd February 2014, 1:14 pm

Cyrus stepped into the academy offices, the doors sliding back into place behind him as he looked around. It had been weeks since he had last taken a mission. He had spent most of his time bumming around in his room, not even training. When they had announced that the Chunin Exams would be taking place within the month, Cyrus decided to kick his lazy ass into gear and start training. He'd need to fulfill several mission requirements and although he knew the next couple of weeks would be a pain, he was determined to qualify for the chunin exams and get out of this place. Stepping up to the front desk, he looked at the secretary and flashed a warm smile, Hi, do you have any D-rank missions I might be able to complete today? Kinda behind on my missions...

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Revival From an Apparent Hiatus   2nd February 2014, 1:30 pm

Lucky you we have a bunch Oh look at that, the male attendant was on shift today. He just grabbed several scrolls and threw them in front of the kid, Here you go kid, pick whatever you like! I don't care we're kinda behind here as well, so go nuts for all I care.! He said leaning back in his chair while looking at some random magazine in it. Real behind as you can obviously tell.

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Mission Revival From an Apparent Hiatus
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