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PostSubject: Mission..Mission!   15th October 2013, 6:27 pm

Bishop and alex were currently walking toward the academy office the exams were starting and bishop had to quickly take a couple last minute missions in order to qualify and what not make it too genin. Alex pushed open the door too the office holding it open as bishop walked through into the building and up too the desk followed by alex. We need a C rank mission solo Alex said from behind bishop who gave a small smile looking at the clerk who gave out mission and what not.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission..Mission!   15th October 2013, 10:49 pm

The clerk looked at Bishop with a smile, A C-rank mission indeed young man.  The old clerk suddenly pushed hard against his desk, sending his rolly chair, along with himself, flying across the room towards the back filing cabinets.  As he did this, a high pitched "weeeee" could be heard coming from the old geezer.  He popped open a drawer and thumbed through several files before pulling out four.  With a second push off the wall and "weeeee" the man appeared back at his desk, slapping the files down in front of Bishop.  Looks like we have a new one here for ya, fresh out of the oven. Ooh it seems a young lady ran off into the woods and her parents would like you to bring her back since she refuses to listen to them. There's a warning here...something about wolves...I'm sure you'll be fine.  The old man looked up at Bishop with a toothless smile, his breathing a heavy wheeze.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission..Mission!   15th October 2013, 11:08 pm

Bishop had his mission and set out too get too the location where he would find this missing girl a forest and one with wolves, Bishop gave a small sigh placing his hands behind his head as he walked down the road followed by Alex who was skipping more than walking. How should we  go about finding this girl alex Bishop said looking into the sky as he continued walking Look, hahaha but um maybe ask around the surrounding area before walking into the forest too give a look see. Bishop looked back toward alex with a chuckle before beginning too run a steady pace in order too make good time, gotta make it there first...lets get going and with that alex and bishop ran on toward the forest the mission was simple all that was left was the journey the two were making good time and what not barely making it too the frozen sea bishop had been walking for the moment taking a break before he started up running again in order too keep time. It was raining although the rain was light letting the sun shine through on the tree's and muddy floor illuminating the area with a type off murky glow, in the distance people could be seen also traveling or what ever bishop paid them no mind and just kept moving looking back occasionally too check on alex  the conditions could affect her and not in a good way. How you doing we should see the forest soon Bishop said fastening his jacket and pulling the hood back down from being blown by wind. I don't get cold im a puppet, and mab- And with that bishop went camouflage and Alex quickly jumped back explosions setting off at the area near where they were standing alex would land by bishop even if he could not be seen under his camouflage.  It wasn't until after 12 in the morning that the three young men made their move. They had been watching the pair for the last few hours with little success. It wasn't until recently that they saw what they looking for; signs of slowing down. The man in the middle grinned. He wore a simple black windbreaker and blue jeans. His shirt was a dark blue, but it was hard to tell with the overcast shadow made by the rain fall. He might as well have been wearing all black. Looking about he ran his hand through his short brown hair.
"You guys ready?" he asked looking to his left and then to his right at his companions. The man on left was a hair shorter than him and was wearing a wool cap over his head. It was a reddish color, but the current time did it little favor. The only thing that stood out was the white stripe going along it's base. Bits of his dark hair poked from beneath the hat. He too wore dark clothing, but this time in the form of a simple long sleeve T-shirt. It's color was similar to the cap, but seemed darker. The last of the trio only nodded his hair the same color as the first man, but parted down the middle. He wore a black shirt with a white long sleeved shirt underneath. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette. Seconds later he fished out his lighter. With a flick of his thumb the rain's darkness was dispelled as he took a drag of the pale stick. And like that the light was gone and the darkness crept back in. The small light came from the end of the newly lit cigarette remaining lit even within the rain.
"Let's do this."Bishop grunted as alex began to push poison out off her body and then holding her palm up shooting senbon out aimed at the group as a whole 1 shoot for each and each shoot firing in successions of five making 15 aimed at the three, bishop took this time too pull out his blade running forward through the mud trying too get close and take out member off the group, but as the three men deflected the senbon with only one making it's mark sticking right through the wool cap off the man on the left he fell too the ground with a thud and his partners looked in disarray and anger seeing Bishop moving through the mud by his footsteps the man on the right flung forward aimed to slice the air where the footsteps where made with his kunai made in Haka one could simply tell by the design but it was all too late the mist crept in and a moment later bishop had jumped landing next too the man on the right his tail would reach up pulling him down and choking him while bishop threw a kunai aimed at the back off the head off the leader he deflected as expected but as he backed up he meet alex and slowly felt that he had been poison the senbon firing from alex the man attempted too run but was too slow and hit with the full barrage. At least we made it too the forest in the morning we can avoid the wolves, should get a move on boy Alex said looking around for the girl as bishop stood up sticking his long serpentine tongue out this was his way off tracking taking in chakra and airborne particles, This way she must have got lost Bishop said walking deeper into the forest he had the girls scent picked up and simply had too follow the trail, After awhile they made it too a building close too a small town within the forest it seemed remote everyone knew each other bishop scooped the building as alex went into town and ask around for a girl who was not from around the parts and after a short while alex made it back. Something was definitely going on in the deserted looking place. According to everyone they spoke to it was the site of grizzly murders, or it was owned by a Trade tycoon from Ibaragakure. Actually the stories differed from person to person, but the final result was that no one knew who if anyone lived there or had lived there. Very suspicious to say the least. Just the thing these two were looking for. Normally the rumors alone would keep the curious at bay, but in this case it had the opposite effect. Among the tales they heard were various ghost stories and tales of creatures straight from the abyss. According to those very same sources a young lady said she could hear laughter coming from within the building late at night seemingly as if children lived in the building. This was enough to give search when your looking for a girl, bishop walked up too the building making sure too look around as alex knocked on the door but to no avail as the puppets knocks simply echoed through the house and out the back door. Bishop decided to break in still in camo he lifted the window and slithered into the window the hissing sound off his tongue could be heard as he moved throughout the building looking for any life forms and he found a few with his unique way of tracking he made his way u the stairs too see a girl along with some kids Bishop became visible the the group gasped, I came too get you lady all off you need too go home also you can't stay here without the adults knowing Bishop said leading the girl out off the house and back to her house. The missions was over and bishop made his way back too the academy to get his money.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission..Mission!   

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