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 Training (Nekra - Yaju)

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PostSubject: Training (Nekra - Yaju)   2nd July 2017, 4:48 pm

Word Count Needed: 200

Word Count: 276


The first thing on the list for the day was a little bit of basic training. Some light jogging and work on focusing the power that weaponkin held in order to cushion certain forms of damage. It was all the beginnings of something much more and for the most part Nekra was excited as she walked down the rocky street in the way too the training grounds. Her attire was casual at least for her she us on pants though they were rolls up to her ankles and her usual black shirt held a brown scarf over the center slung around her neck along with that she had her headband tightly wrapped to her left forearm and her usual brown goggles on her head for when the dust storms became to much.

Once she reached the training area it was nothing special. She began running like usual around the makeshift track made from years of shining running over the exact same patterns. She was slow for now but constantly running would eventually pay off she could already see the increase in stamina and for the most part she was covering about five feet per burst. She was not working on stamina today no speed and defense was the mission. Once she finished running she began doing a basic set up in which she hit object in order to gauge her own pain resistance. It wasn't long before she found a fellow shining to help her and she was being slung fifteen feet across the area as the famed kickback the weaponkins defense held. It would take some getting used to but it was very useful.
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PostSubject: Re: Training (Nekra - Yaju)   2nd July 2017, 10:18 pm


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Training (Nekra - Yaju)
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