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 Trap Master: Armen Solo Training

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PostSubject: Trap Master: Armen Solo Training   Trap Master: Armen Solo Training Icon_minitime6th June 2016, 4:22 am

Armen woke up this morning surrounded by books. Many books about many different seals that has been created by sealing specialists before him. The seals which he liked in particular were the seals known to trigger when things would come about. For this very reason Armen was in search of knowledge so that he may create a technique to counter offensive advances. This technique had to come as a trap and be triggered right on command. This was awesome for Armen, because this was where he excelled the most. These seals that he has conjured up so far has helped him in so many battles thus far.  After probably a few more hours of just simple reading, Armen was ready to apply what he had learned. He would rematerialize all his weapons that are carved and etched and begin to use chakra to renew his seals, including his Choas control seal.  These seals were the ones he’s created this far and were very important to him, but having much experience with them he was able to restore them fairly easy.  After doing this it was time to get into the meat of everything. He had to learn the seals necessary for him to do a new move. A move that he knows well as full counter. The ability that he would want was that at any moment, when his opponent would use his/her finishing move that he would lure them close and use full counter, in order to completely counter their move and maybe even make it come back to them much stronger.

So he would begin, he would start by drawing seals on paper and placing chakra in them. But he’d fail. He would try again and again until finally the first level of the seal was complete. He was able to set a barrier up in his own little house. He would then test the barrier, having set up traps to send attacks which he can easily maneuver at himself. He was pleased to see that the traps where ineffective because the barrier had worked. This means that he had mastered the first steps. Upon mastering this he would now try five seals, and when five seals didn’t work, hed go back to the drawing board. He’d learn of the difficulties and the problems that these seals can bring. After mastering this, he would then give it another go. This time it was a success and as he tested it, the trap would be obsolete. This was awesome to him because now he would move on to incorporating those seals into his kunais, and weaponry. After taking the time to carefully etch them, he would go back to the paper work. He would draw the seals again and practice changing the shape of the barrier by moving on of the paper seals around making it mobile. To his rewards he had learned that one point of the seal can still be mobile as long as the others remain in the same place. All these discoveries is what made him fall in love with the sacred art of sealing in the first place. It was like you can create a seal for almost anything, but the problem was, seal work took a lot of time and space in Armens repertoire. This meant that Armen was limited on the other things he knew because he was perfecting seals most of the time.

Now was time to test it, he would leave his house and travel for a while towards his favorite spot. Upon arriving to this spot he would pull out three kunai’s and set up his barrier. He would then spend the better part of an hour setting up a nasty trap that he would be able to counter due to being the one who set it up. But the goal was so that he won’t have to counter it using his body but rather he would be protected by the barrier, but also be able to reflect it back at its marks, at more power than when it came forth. The first test was a bust; the trap had fired but had missed the target completely. The second attempt, Armen had forgot the point of it and his barrier had just protected him from damage. But by the third time he had already did the tweaking that he needed and was able to use full counter to send the attack racing back at its mark, making his seals a success! It was truly beautiful to watch his creation actually work and work soo well. Now all he had to do now was apply it in battle. This was amazing to him and very motivating.
Such a success had lead him to now wanting to go back home and create yet another seal. Something to compliment his new barriers that he has created. Being as those barriers only prevents Armen from offensive attacks he needed something a bit more personal.  He needed a seal that could prevent anyone and anything from making contact with him. Almost like a repelling seal. Such a seal was ideal and would help Armen from needing eyes in back of his head. He would have a near perfect shield.  So he would work, he would test out and see what the kinks are and what kind of preparations would be required for a seal of that caliber. Finally, after staying up the entire night he had finally found it what it would take and what he’d have to do to make this seal. As a stylish spin off of things he would sow the seal to the back of his new jacket and put in the chakra cost for it. The seal was hidden within the back inside the rikigaku symbol. After such hard work, Armen rested.


Restored Chaos Control Seal lvl 2
Restored Immobility Seal lvl 3 on all weapons
Restored Marker Seal lvl 3 on all weapons
Etched and Paid Chakra For on all weapons and Clothing : Repel(when and if approved)

Trained: Solo Training Specialization(Perfect)
Three Seal Barrier: 100/2 = 50
Five Seal Barrier: 200/2 = 100
Barrier Trap : Full Counter= 400/2= 200
Repel(When approved) = 200/2 = 100
Trap Specialist Training @Basic +1(C rank) = 500

Training Total: 950 words

Word Count: 973 words

Trap Master: Armen Solo Training Tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640

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PostSubject: Re: Trap Master: Armen Solo Training   Trap Master: Armen Solo Training Icon_minitime8th June 2016, 12:05 pm


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Trap Master: Armen Solo Training
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