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 Solo Training : Silly Armen Traps Are For Kids

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PostSubject: Solo Training : Silly Armen Traps Are For Kids   Solo Training : Silly Armen Traps Are For Kids Icon_minitime3rd July 2016, 4:00 am

Silly Armen Traps Are For Kids
This was a typical morning for Armen, he wanted to train and get better. He was woken up this morning by moaning sounds from the other house. He didn’t want to do anything to investigate the sound, he just wanted to leave the whole thing alone. He would get dressed and then eat whatever was there in the fridge. The fridge looked better than usual having food that they bought instead of stuff that’s been scavenged. Armen would sit at home for a while watching his favorite cartoon man. The name of the show was the adventures of McCooney. McCooney was a black private detective with ninjutsu abilities pertaining to creating traps at the drop of a dime.  Armen loved the show, he loved watching McCooney fight his way and outsmart his way out of tough situations. Armen never told anyone this but he often imagined himself as McCooney.  Trying to find ways out of tough situations and helping his team mates advance. Armen would watch the show while playing with his new metallic Arm. Armen doesn’t believe that he’ll ever be the same again but he does believe that he can make a difference and help others become better.  Accountibility was what he was going for, he knew that if he could keep the world accountable less tragedies would arise and that young children such as himself would have a fighting chance in growing up. He would pull out his note pad and start writing down all his trap like discoveries and how he can improve himself.  After a few hours he would get up and begin to head towards his training grounds as he usually does.

This time it was different, there usually isn’t anyone there but it seems as if someone has stumbled upon his training grounds and is painting it. “hol up dats that Artist guy”, Armen would think to himself as he gets ready to confront the man. ” Aye mane whatchu doin to mah trainin grounds? I thought dat wus da end of ya at da art studio. Why you here all of a sudden? Go away mane!” The Artist would put his hand up, ” Wait before you do something that you will thoroughly regret let me say something to you! Im an artist, and this gym is a piece of crap! Sickening to its very core! As a matter of fact I no longer want to be here so im going to leave.” The Artist begins to make his way out and then circles back. ” Alas! I am burdened by my duty as an artist, I can not allow for another hideous entity to remain in existence. Hold strong you ye gym, I will send you swiftly to the abyss.” The artist would pull a flame thrower out of nowhere and Armen would do all he can to stop him, grabbing the flame thrower out of his hand and tossing it aside. “WAT ARE YA DOING HERE! YO CANT BE HERE DIS AINT YO TERRITORY TO BE BURNIN ISH”. Armen would yell at him hoping that he would leave but the Artist just stands there offended and not leaving. Armen would then ignore him and begin working on his traps. It didn’t take anywhere between 1 to 3 minutes for the Artist to speak again, ” You know , it youre trying to master traps you much first understand its beauty. My brother went off to become a magician and practice traps. It’s an Art and all Art has beauty. Because all art is alive! Art must be able to react just like human beings can react, Art is life itself. Even when it comes to traps, your trap must be alive. It must be caused by the effects and carelessness of others so it can feed, so that it can come to life!!!” The Artist spoke soo enthusiastically. Armen would actually listen and then write it off as just gibber jabber. But as he had quickly learned the Artist would not be ignored. ” I will not be ignored, I told you youre traps are plain and will never amount to capturing anyone or anything for that matter. If anything else a trap like that is liable to get you hurt. Because that trap lacks intelligence it lacks emotion, it lacks life Armen , LIFE!”

Armen would give in and begin to do as instructed and began to make traps that aren’t stagnant but rather that are almost living. He would use his chakra from ninjutsu as a medium and use his own jutsu as trigger effects. This was remarkable, for once Armen listened to someone completely random and weird and it actually worked out for him. Maybe the artist’s brother really is a trap master. The Artist on the other hand looked really pleased but was still very unsatisfied about the gym. This kind of annoyed Armen because  he had never invited the Artist to come over. Its as if you do one thing for a guy and he doesn’t know how to back off. ” Yes! Yes! That is handsome, that is exquisite! Such a beautiful breathing art form you created. At first I was simply talking a lot of shit, I even smelt the auroma of shit coming from my breathe oh so powerfully. But seriously you’ve created a concoction like no other.  Now please lets burn this place down and further make art. We will make fire! Fire is alive, fire is passionate, fire is expressive… I wanna see it all buuuuuuurrrnnn! “ Armen this time would knock out the artist and then carry the Artist out of the premises, safely taking care of the flame thrower. Its annoying having a wealthy person such as this artist constantly having money to buy tools that they barely know how to use and would most likely get hurt from.  Armen would then head home knowing that the exams are now only a few days away. He is ready to go , Win Armen!

Trap Specialist Perfect.

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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training : Silly Armen Traps Are For Kids   Solo Training : Silly Armen Traps Are For Kids Icon_minitime3rd July 2016, 9:15 am


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Solo Training : Silly Armen Traps Are For Kids
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