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 Dog days (mission)

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PostSubject: Dog days (mission)   2nd May 2016, 4:22 am

After completing his first mission, he was often seen spacing out and imaging things; today proved to be like no other. Ty laid on his bed, the thin cover went up to his neck "by any chance do you want something to eat?" Guardian-sama asked Ty, which resulted in him once again not being answered. Guardian-sama could only close the door, excusing himself out of the room. Normally Ty would've jump to guardian-sama, and asked him for information; But this time Ty need to learn what it means to be a ninja, who can walk on his own two feet. Ty rose up from his bed and began to dress himself in his usual ninja attire, once fully dressed he took his leave from the house.

Once Ty arrived, He scanned around and stared at the house patterns and designs, but the odd colors seen barely stood together with the houses around here. "You must be the ninja who took my request!" an elderly man who sat in a chair, in the yard to his right stated. "yes, I've come to walk your dogs!" Ty responded, walking to the elder. "they are very playful, be careful!" The elder warned, continuing to sit in his spot as if waiting for someone or something. Ty ignored the thought, then continued to the door and open; within the instance of opening the door, three dogs sped past him while the fourth walked to him and sat down "so your the one who dares accept our challenge, the rules are simple. Catch at least three of us, and we'll respect you!" And since you're young we'll only stay in the lower area!" The smallest dog spoke before dashing off, when Ty turned around he found that each dog went into their own direction.

just my luck, now I gotta find them. Ty began to chase after one of the bigger dogs, hoping the dog would get tired before him; but it didn't go as he planned. Ty was already running low on fumes, he needed a way to trap the dogs without hurting them. what if I trap them in a genjutsu! Ty averted from the original plan to chase after them, to capture them. He quickly went to the closest meat store, once Ty walked inside "do you have any type of meat?" Ty asked then sprung into action, grabbing sausages out the freezer and running outside "I'll be back!" he applied as much of his chakra, as he could before throwing the sausages into the air these dogs might not take the bait! "fooooood!" All of the dog targets jumped up catching the sausages in their mouths, "mine!" The dogs fought for there respective piece. gotcha, all of you! "Illusionary eye jutsu!" He yelled after preform in the handsign, after finishing that one he began a new one; having only the dragon hand-sign in similarity. "I've caught only of you can we return now!" The dogs all agreed, after hearing Ty yelled. They all walked back discussing the challenges the dogs have trampled over in the past without defeat!
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PostSubject: Re: Dog days (mission)   2nd May 2016, 1:35 pm


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Dog days (mission)
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