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 Fat Bastard

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PostSubject: Fat Bastard   28th February 2017, 4:03 pm

Personal Info

Name:  Atrix Von Krueger
Alias:  Fat bastard
Age: 20
Gender:  Male
Height:  6'5 Ft
Weight:  405p
Zodiac Sign: 

Atrix generally has a very doctile personality by nature. He rarely speaks up and when he dose it is just loud enough to be heard. He keeps to himself, not hardly dealing with others unless they are directly interacting with him. He is often times quite happy and content with all the world, not seeing a problem in it what so ever. This doctilness, however, has a very easy breaking point. It's his hunger, he simply can't control himself unless there is an imposing figure nearby. During these fits of hunger, Atrix has been known to have accompanying fits of rage in which he will try to destroy everything in his way.

Over all, he is actually very childish - one could easily call him innocent. He doesn't do a bad job with portraying the innocent either. Often times, he can be seen sucking on one of his fingers as is the habit of very young children. He just never grew out of it. He is also quite fond of bells and will play with them whenever he can or when he gets bored. He doesn't realize when he hurts someone that he is actually doing it, he sees it as a game that he and everyone else plays from time to time. He just doesn't understand why everyone else doesn't play back very often. Because of this child like innocence, he is usually in the company of someone who is more cool headed and can keep him under control. That is of course until he gets hungry...

When it comes to intellegence, Atrix is quite lacking. He just looked at the world differnetly from birth than the average person did, thus giving him his child like demenor. He rarly thinks about anything else besides food and is very rarely full and unable to eat anymore. It is also because of his lack of intellegence, of knowing when is the proper time and the proper place for things, that Atrix is usually in the company of someone more clear minded than he. Lastly, there is a reason he is known as Atrix the Voracious. His appetite, it is nearly insatiable.

Appearance:  As far as body build goes, Atrix is on the husky side as well as the muscular. His torso easily takes up the majority of his body mass while his head easily takes up the least. He has a nice round stomach that bulges out and takes way after a flat and muscular chest. His head, though comparatively small, is actually normal sized and shaped as well as perfectly round. He has no hair due to an accident at a young age. His ears are small as are his eyes, barely more than beady circles of white in his head. His nose is rather large and bulbous. His mouth is huge, larger than that of a normal person's. His jaw juts outward slightly, though not enough to where his bottom row of teeth are showing, just enough so that his lower lip sticks up some. He has broad shoulders with wings jutting out and covering his back, perfect compliments to his muscular chest, that lead out to long, muscular arms. They're almost apelike. At the ends of these arms are a set of huge hands with thick fingers and claws. Below his huge stomach are a set of muscular legs that carry him everywhere - and what legs wouldn't be muscular after carrying around such weight? His feet are actually comparatively smaller than the rest of his bodily proportions.

Normally, Atrix can be seen wearing a plain black T-shirt, black pants, black shoes, and a white coat that is brimmed with black fur. On the back of this jacket is a black snake chasing its own tail, forming a circle. He also wears black wrist bands.

Contrary to his outward appearance and age, Atrix actually has a high pitched voice unbecoming of a man his size. His voice isn't always in such a high pitch though. He can obtain lower pitches. This happens though mainly when he is enraged, as he has a tendency to do so when he is hungry enough. He doesn't seem to notice though, he's a bit too oblivious to notice. On his arms are twin scars, one on each arm, another scar from younger childhood. Oddly enough, despite the way his body is built, Atrix is quite agile when fighting. He might not be the most graceful fighter, in fact he can be downright clumsy, but his movements are effective and get the job done with devastating results.

History: Atrix lost his mother at birth and his father abandoned him not long after. While his father was around, a few things happened that would shape Atrix for the rest of his life. The first was the loss of his hair, which happened by pure coincidence and accident. One day, when Atrix was three, his father had stayed up late working on something important and was working by candle light. He fell asleep at the table. Atrix, waking up in the night, got up from bed to try and get something to eat to satisfy his already growing hunger. Even at three he was a chubby child, weighing much more than he should have. As he was searching for food, he accidentally bumped into the table, which knocked the candle over, first spilling hot wax onto his head and then the flame which ignited his hair and burnt it quickly down to the scalp. His father, waking up as soon as the candle fell off the table, was quick to put the fire out. He then took Atrix to the hospital, where his wounds were treated as best as possible. While there remains no scar on his head today, the fire had burnt almost everyone of his hair foliciles, and what the fire didn't get the wax did. From then on, he was bald.

Not long after that, at the age of five, Atrix was adopted by a family on a island since he had nowhere else to go and he was quite chubby. Atrix fit in well here, aside from the fact that he couldn't understand where his father had gone or for what reason. Neither could anyone else, and few tried. He grew up well into the island life and was eventually tried to be taught in school. This was found to be a lost cause though, as Atrix either didn't understand the material or never paid attention enough to absorb it. All he wanted to do was eat and play with his bells (a gift he had received from his caretaker at the age of seven). So being a scholar was a lost cause for the boy, but being a pirate wasn't necessarily. The family had witnessed before his fits of rage and thought that if they could be channeled or directed he could make a shipwright. This proved to be somewhat benificial, at least, and he eventually graduated from the shipwright school.

However, once out of school, Atrix did little actual training in the sea. More often than not, he would get into eating contests with whoever he could. At the age of twelve, just shortly after graduating, he got into a confrontation with a couple of children. He was hungry, they felt in the mood to tease. They stole the food he was about to eat, he became angry. Chasing them, Atrix followed closely behind them until they hopped over a fence, where they dropped what he was going to eat by accident and kept running. Seeing no more reason to chase them, Atrix tried to reach his food by stick his arms through a hole in the fence. Much to his displeasure, not only could he not reach it but the fence was hurting his arms. Each time he would go a little further, the fence would dig into his arms more and more. Occasionally he would switch his hands, but this only produced the same result until his arms were cut deeply and he was bleeding. Finally, he got angry once again and tore the fence apart until he could reach his food, which he gladly ate afterwards, despite the fact that his arms were in terrible condition. Later, when he went home, his caretaker (called Chokimo) saw the state of his arms and was all up in a fuss about it. Atric tried to explain that the fence hurt him and kept his food away from him, but Chokimo would hear none of it until after his arms were tended to.

Atrix would occasionally learn of a new food or take interest in something, but his overall interests were towards eating and he grew more and more bitter that others would pull him away from his food to do other things, it didn't matter what other things; it wasn't eating and it wasn't fun for Atrix. He usually obeyed without putting up a fuss though, as obedient as he is ignorant. Over the years he travelled the seas working as a low class shipwright he rarely stayed on a ship for long despite his skills they didn't appease too his odd methods, that was until he meet the bucanners and another job began.

Pirate Template

Clan/Tribe: Aero
Ocean of Origin: Northern
Piracy: Buccaneer

Infamy:Elite D-rank
Main Crew Position: ShipWright
Ragnarok Jolly Roger Tattoo:Akui



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PostSubject: Re: Fat Bastard   3rd March 2017, 9:56 am



Name: Ship's Right?
Classification: Medical Kugujutsu (Shipwright)
Rank: D-rank
Class: Passive
Range: Self

Description: The Shipwright fixes and maintains the ship, that's pretty much all they do or so the simple minded think. No their job is crucial so very crucial to the survival of the crew especially since any idiot knows that any Ship worth it's salt comes with Cannons and cannons shoot cannonballs which kill ships. Thus it's up to a Shipwright to fix ships both in the middle of battle and conduct repairs out of it, and thus is very hard work such hard work that while in battle their Medical Kugujutsu consumes double the Stamina Price than if repairs are done out of battle. It sucks but it beats not being able to fix up a ship until getting to a Ship Hospital, okay ships don't actually have hospitals...or do they? Point is, no Pirate wants to spend his or her precious booty on fixing up a ship when they can get someone who can do it for free as long as adequate raw materials are provided, and that is why Shipwrights are so important.



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Fat Bastard
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