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 Spirit Essence Ronin WIP

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PostSubject: Spirit Essence Ronin WIP   Spirit Essence Ronin WIP Icon_minitime18th December 2015, 6:10 pm

Personal Info

Zodiac Sign:




Ronin Info

Clan: (Non Kekkai Genkai only as well as non release based)

Ability Spirit Essence - This ability grants the Ronin the power to take in the spirit of those killed by their own hand. Through this effect they will gain 1 technique of equal rank to the person or creature the spirit belonged to. The technique must be based around the spirits focus. For example, a spirit who belonged to a trap based artist user who utilizes earth release creates a trap based ground technique. Because of this being a Ronin based ability techniques can become available to use even if they come from another class. For example, a yoroi who controls puppet through their unique kugujutsu or focus on puppet takeovers will allow the form of a technique to do something similar, such as highjack a puppet. Or an Entity that focuses on mental healing can allow a mental recovery technique similar to the Entity's focus without the Ronin being a medic. However, if the Ronin has maxed out their jutsu limit then they cannot take advantage of the spirit essence. Or if the kill was made by another they will not be able to take in the spirit essence. The kill must be made by them and they must have the room for the technique to be learned.
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Spirit Essence Ronin WIP
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