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 Dahlia Ibwa and Souji Kurusu (NPC, Akira's Parents)

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Dahlia Ibwa and Souji Kurusu (NPC, Akira's Parents) Empty
PostSubject: Dahlia Ibwa and Souji Kurusu (NPC, Akira's Parents)   Dahlia Ibwa and Souji Kurusu (NPC, Akira's Parents) Icon_minitime11th August 2019, 1:12 pm

Dahlia Ibwa

Dahlia Ibwa and Souji Kurusu (NPC, Akira's Parents) Latest?cb=20141127073232

Clan: Ibwa
Rank: Jonin. Also a Goryō level Spirit.
'Class': Self Puppet

Sword Name: Penthesilea (Broken)
Sword Appearance: Rapier
Sword Chakra Nature:  Ice Release
Sword Description: Penthesilea is an ornate rapier, designed for swift strikes. It's ability causing physical attacks with the sword to gradually add to freezing the opponent. At her current level, Dahlia removes 5 from the target's hypothemia limit with each touch.

Scythe Name: Artemesia
Scythe Appearance: Rapier
Scythe Chakra Nature: Ice Release
Scythe Description: Artemesia was reforged from the broken fragments of Penthesilea, broken during Dahlia's Awakening trial. As such, it inherited the look and ability, with a boost in strength. As her current level, Dahlia removes 10 from the target's hypothermia limit with each touch.

Souji Kurusu

Dahlia Ibwa and Souji Kurusu (NPC, Akira's Parents) Latest?cb=20190523055706

Clan: N/A
Rank: Jonin

Sword Name: Panthera Cantus
Sword Appearance: An orange and blue feather.
Sword Chakra Nature: Fire and Lightning
Sword Description: Panthera Cantus is actually two samurai swords used in one, and as such is often spoke of as a single unit. These are capable of rapidly multiplying, and work together in the way to replicate the Kirame Samurai style's blade fragments, as one feather's ability is it's replication, while the second feather's ability is to multiple bleeding effects. At it's current level, Panthera Cantus can replicate in to 25 of each feather for 50 max. And any bleeding effects have a X3 multiplier.

Shared History:
Dahlia and Souji were together a part of a three man squad in the previous generation. They were very quick to hit things off, and they shared their first kiss in the semi finals of their first Chuunin exam. This was before Dahlia defeated Souji with her puppet, wielding her samurai swords. And the two were utterly smitten. The two were able to both advance to Chuunin rank, although they were the only two of the three man cell to do so. This would in fact happen once again, achieving Jonin rank just after their third became a Chuunin. Their third member, a young Chromatica, would continue still to serve the three man cell regardless of rank, with the three of them being close.

This changed during a relatively routine mission just a few months after their first child Akira was born. Word of the prowess of the recently wedded Dahlia and Souji spread far enough that they were targetting by missing nin assassins. Chell Chromatica lost her life in an instant, and the other two were left to fend for themselves for two weeks. What happened during this time was left out of every report, save for those sent to the Kage. What actually happened, was Dahlia made use of some rather unknown techniques. Together, the two Kurusu created dopples of themselves as puppets, however until that point only Dahlia's was created. This served as a way to save Dahlia's life. During their escape, the woman was injured, and together they hid in a cave. Not willing to die and leave their child alone, she performed a technique she had only theorized. By combining the idea of a self puppet, with powerful Ibwa Spirit Path techniques, Dahlia was able to instead of inparting a physical part of herself, but instead to transplant her very soul in to the puppet.

Neither speak of what that truly meant for Souji to commit to his wife.

They would return home, and life continued. Chell may have passed, but Dahlia and Souji would never forget her. And Akira was brought up to never forget the woman who saved his parents life. Now, Dahlia is frozen, in the body of a puppet, with her soul granting the puppet it's real appearance and feel.

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Dahlia Ibwa and Souji Kurusu (NPC, Akira's Parents)
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