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 Seiryu Taki

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PostSubject: Seiryu Taki   Seiryu Taki Icon_minitime6th October 2018, 12:06 pm

Personal Info

Name: Seiryu Taki
Zodiac Sign:




Samurai Info

Village: Kohaigakure
Rank: Genin
Clan: Taki (Tsuyo Branch)

Sword Name: Dragongem - Starburst Amethyst
Sword Appearance: Amethyst takes the form of a ring, rather than one's conventional samurai sword. It is a thing of beauty, silver wrought in the shape of a dragon with a magnificent looking multicolored gem nestled between the creature's wings.
Sword Chakra Nature: Diamond
Sword Description: This "sword" has a rather unique ability amongst those wielded by Samurai, as it is focused around defense rather than offense. It infuses the user's flesh with Diamond Release, turning their flesh into a type of organic diamond that acts as a passive defensive barrier against attacks without the user needing to do much on their part. The integration of diamond into their skin gives the user the look of their skin being made of glittering diamond dragonhide, making them appear rather beautiful and fearsome in the right light. The defense given by this weapon is dependent on the user's Defense tiers. If they are capable of learning the tier it is modified to reflect their new flesh composition, while if they are incapable of learning it naturally they must create pseudo-tiers to utilize it.
Bow: Longbow
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Seiryu Taki
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