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 Wind Release Master List

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PostSubject: Wind Release Master List   27th September 2018, 11:50 am

This is a master list of all of the Wind Release techniques currently made on the forum which have also been updated to the current standard & are available for everyone to learn. They are arranged in sections in regards to damage type & technique type and it will always been in ascending order from the lowest rank (D) at the top to the highest rank (Z) at the bottom of the spoiler tag.

*Note: These are just the official NB converted versions of canon techniques & any custom techniques created by members which are not signatured. However to avoid confusion the canon techniques will be listed, and any custom techniques which someone has not signatured will also be noted in it's own list. If they are signatured or made exclusive it will be denoted by a - (Insert Character Name) so that everyone can know who has what in case someone is interested in learning the technique.

List of Canon Wind Release Techniques:

List of Custom Wind Release Techniques in this list:

Chakra Based Wind Release Techniques

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Wind Release Master List
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