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 Under the Moon [Training]

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PostSubject: Under the Moon [Training]    13th September 2018, 3:50 pm

Slowly, the grey blankets covering the sky shifted and rolled over the horizon. A normal person would expect it to rain but Diana knew better. It hardly rained here which made her question how anyone was able to live in such harsh conditions but she had to remind herself that everyone who resided here was of a different breed. They were faster, stronger and smarter than the average shinobi, in fact, they themselves believed that they ascended beyond that of ordinary shinobi, they were Knights. She had known these streets like the back of the hand as if she was born and raised here and though the Ash that began falling from the sky obscured her vision she was still able to navigate her way through. Where was she going? Who knew? Most of the landmarks were reduced to rumble and all that littered the streets were bodies and the vultures that were looking for their next meal. It pained her heart to see the village in such ruin, it was a strange sensation as she hardly knew the place yet she felt at home here in the climate, amongst the people but yet the place felt foreign to her, like a place that only existed in her dreams. As she trudged through the streets those who were actually still alive would spare a glancing look before nodding as if they were acknowledging her presence as an ally and not an enemy which was strange as she, of course, knew she wasn’t of this side of the world but they accepted her as their own. Maybe it was due to that fact that she was wearing this strange headband or was it because she wore this badge that held her name or at least she thought it was as it didn’t say Diana Erlang, it said Diana Is- something. She couldn’t make it what exactly it said for some strange reason maybe it was due to the terrible weather or maybe it was because she was tired?

“Yo, we’ve been waiting on you. Thought I told you to stop wandering around?” A familiar voice called out to her the distance. Sitting on a fallen pillar, there was Zhao her guardian who seemed to be waiting on her. The truth was she didn’t recall agreeing to a meeting with him but she wasn’t surprised as this entire situation seemed off. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting  Zhao-dono, but where are we going?” She asked as she made her way closer towards him. “We have a family meeting silly. A rather urgent one so we better hurry before we get scolded.” He said with an unusual smile on his face. It wasn’t the smile he normally had when they were together, the deranged lunatic smile where he went on his usual ramblings. It was a smile of a man who was content with his surroundings. She wasn’t sure what exactly he meant about a family meeting as they weren’t in  Mahougakure so there was no way this was a meeting with the Erlang Clan members and elders so who exactly were they going to meet? “Right. Let us go then.” She said softly before following him to where ever it was they had this family meeting. They had been walking for about three minutes engaging in idle chatter here and there until it Zhao had made it clear that they were here. The building they stood before seemed out of place as it seemed completely untouched compared to the ruins it was surrounded by which was completely odd. Zhao would knock on the door and after a thirty-second wait the door would open and he would nudge her forward.

Inside the building was just as immaculate as the outside which made ever even more confused. What was going on with this building? She thought as she followed her guardian through the halls of the building and when they arrived at the end of the hall they were greeted by a large number of people sitting at a table. It was evident that she was the youngest person in the room and it was a bit unnerving as everyone was looking directly at them. Some looked annoyed, while others seemed indifferent and there were a few with a smile on their faces. Diana’s pink hues would scan the room and though each person did seem to have an unnatural disposition about them, this was something she also noticed about Zhao but there were three particular individuals she felt a completely different vibe from. The first was a pink haired individual that seemed pretty much uninterested as he petted a white snake that was wrapped around his arm. At first she thought that they might have been directly related due to the similar color hair but she quickly dismissed that claim as he seemed to be a right prick guessing from his demeanor. The second was a handsome man with long flowing onyx hair and beautiful grey eyes, he was the one of the few with an actual smile on his face, it was a warm inviting smile and it made her feel as if she was welcomed. It was a feeling she could only attach to a parent that loved their child but she knew that this man could never be her father, maybe she was a direct descendant? She found herself staring at the man and the sound of someone clearing their throat would bring her back to reality. The person who had done that was the man in the middle of the pink haired and the onyx-haired man. This man was something else. This was the first time in her life she felt pure fear from an individual, this man made her completely uneasy as it felt that he could kill her at any time and probably without her even knowing.  “Now that we’re all here, it’s time for us to discuss on how we’ll be moving forward as a village and as a family.” The man said before lighting a cigar. Diana would quickly move to her chair adjacent to Zhao. A small discussion would begin and just as the onyx-haired man was about to speak a strange ringing would erupt between her ears causing a headache.

Her eyes slowly crept open revealing familiar surroundings and her ears would pick up the sound of the alarm clock going off. “Ugh, why do I need to get up this early…” Diana muttered to herself before rolling over to shut it off. She’s been having the same dream for quite some time now and it always followed a familiar pattern and always left her with questions like where was this place? Who were those people? Why did she feel at ease there? “Right, I need to go get ready.” She muttered to herself as if she spent all day dwelling on that dream she’d be in bed all day. Having gotten ready, she would make her way to the dojo that they had in-house and waiting for her there was, of course, her Guardian Zhao. “Look who’s finally decided to show up? I hope you’re ready.” He said after finishing his cup of tea. The truth was that she was actually pretty early it was just that he spent the majority of his time in the dojo for whatever reason. “Now grab your sword and let’s go. Today I’ll be teaching you a secret technique that’ll allow your sword attacks to be unseen by anyone who you’re faster than. Pretty useful for people who like to dodge. It’s call lack of intent, so watch carefully!” Zhao would grab his samurai weapon before delivering a series of seamless strikes to the training dummy at a speed he knew she could comprehend before looking towards her. Nodding, she would grab her ordinary katana and would mimic his movements flawlessly hitting the dummy in the exact same spots he did. “Magnificent, you really are your mother’s daughter.” Zhao said with a bright smile while patting her on the head. “Um, Zhao-dono. Is this a Denkou style? Or something that you created?” Diana asked curiously. Zhao would chuckle when he heard her question and sheathed his sword. “You see my beautiful moon, this isn’t something I’ve created nor is this something that anyone in the Erlang knows of. This is from the other side of your heritage.” Diana would roll her eyes after hearing his response knowing he would now end up going on a tangent about some secret bloodline.

“You see lil moon, we’re special you and I, you more so as you are a direct descendant of one of the greatest swordsmen in the world. I was just taught these techniques in order to ensure you learn them. Everything will come to light sooner or later little moon.” He said with a strange smile on his face. Diana had no idea what he was going on about as she was told by the elders of her clan that her mother and father were ordinary Denkou that were pretty good shinobi but they weren’t that special or outstanding. So she wasn’t sure who to believe as they didn’t have any reason to lie to her but neither did Zhao. That and she kept having those strange dreams about a faraway place and being amongst people she had never seen before but felt a connection to. She wouldn’t mention that to him, however, not yet anyways. “Right, so what else do you have for me to learn?” Diana stated completely dismissing the man and his delusions. “Hmph, fine let’s have a little sword fight. If you impress me enough we can go for ice-cream.” Diana’s eyes would illuminate having heard his offer. There had been a flavor she had been dying to try but wanted to spend her money on equipment for a mission. “Hehe, fine let’s do this!” She was all fired up and wasn’t ready to lose.

Taking her stance, she would take a deep breath steeling herself for the fight to come. Though he was a bit on the strange side she knew that he was a force to be reckoned with and one misstep would mean no ice-cream! Kicking off the ground she would launch herself towards the man at crashing ground speeds aiming a horizontal slash at his mid-section. Unfortunately for her it would seem as if he was anticipating such a move as he simply aimed his sword downwards to block her strike. “Tsk tsk. I can see your through your techniques Dai-chan, surely you can fix that?” He said in a slightly disappointing tone and a front on his face before pushing her off. Stumbling backward she was unsure what exactly he had meant by that but before she could ask she would be forced to defend herself as he was charging head-on releasing a flurry of attacks. Thanks to the fact that she was part cypher, she was able to react quick enough and easily parried his attacks. She wasn’t finished there, however, as she would follow up with a few strikes of her own, this time at a faster speed than before as she tried to overwhelm him with speed. “Better but I can still see your strikes kiddo.” He said sounding a bit more impressed than her previous attempt. Being the skilled shinobi he was, he was easily able to parry her strikes forcing her back yet again. Clicking her tongue she was all about ready to give up this meaningless exchange until it finally dawned upon her. There was a reason why he kept on mentioning that he could see through her techniques and with that she found a way to win. “Shouldn’t be daydreaming in mid-battle Dai!” Zhao called out to her instantly snapping her back to reality. Just in time too as she would raise her sword to parry his strike to the left. Having gained an opening, Diana would charge towards the man at her fastest speeds possible, without killing herself of course, and aimed to carve open his chest with her blade. The difference was that now, she used the lack of intent technique to make her kenjutsu harder to read. “Whoa there!” Zhao exclaimed before blocking the sword at speeds she had never seen him use before. “Whew, that was close! You almost killed me there!” He said as he ran his hands on his chest to see if it was still intact. Once he was certain he didn’t get killed, he would sheathe his weapon before making his way towards Diana and patting her head. “You did good Dia-chan. Ice-cream is on me.” He said with a smile. With training complete, she would sheathe her sword as well before placing it on the rack where they kept all the training equipment. It had been some time since she felt this good about training and she was pretty much pleased about the results. Maybe she was cut out for this ninja stuff after all? “Hey! Wait up! Don’t leave without me damn it!” She beckoned as she noticed that her guardian had already left the house without her.

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PostSubject: Re: Under the Moon [Training]    19th September 2018, 1:54 pm


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Under the Moon [Training]
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