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 Epee Chanson (New-ish Samurai Style)

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PostSubject: Epee Chanson (New-ish Samurai Style)   18th August 2018, 1:55 pm

Epee Chanson
Épée Chanson: This samurai style focuses on positioning of one's feet and measured movements in order to generate blows that possess piercing potential far beyond what is capable for other samurai. The need for intense focus and pinpoint precision makes this style one of, if not the best suited for one on one duels. The way this style is preformed is almost as if the samurai is conducting music with their sword, their feet moving as though dancing along to the symphony of battle, thus the meaning of the style's name: "Sword Song". The weapon of choice of a Epee Chanson samurai is a Rapier.
*Originator - Unknown

Tiers Granted:
Samurai: Speed & Endurance (S-Rank Cap)
Reaper: Speed & Endurance (SS-Rank Cap)


Reaper Chanson

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Epee Chanson (New-ish Samurai Style)
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