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 Arlo Hokkai

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PostSubject: Arlo Hokkai   Arlo Hokkai Icon_minitime25th April 2018, 7:29 pm

Personal Info

Name: Arlo Hokkai
Alias:  N/A
Age: 27
Gender:  Male
Height: 5'4
Weight: 167p
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarus

Personality: Strong willed and quick with the words. Well loves causing trouble and almost is always treading the line of being within the law and outside of it. He is not the type to bring back enemys of the west back alive and if given the chance he tends to gather information for later attacks whenever possible even if it risk putting himself in harms way. To adapt he focused slightly on stealth but not enough to mitigate his other skills.

Arlo welcomes new freinds and when not in battle can be found drinking and simply enjoying the company of others. The occasional bar fight is something to get used to; Arlo is not the type to back down when a show of bravado arises. He usually acts first leaving most broken and battered. His calm nature comes into play when he finds himself in the wild or around animals two things he values over most in his life. Despite this he is a apex predator and will kill animals that attack or betray his trust even his own pack members.


History: Arlo Hokkai; Born on the 16th day of Sagittarius. His family was as chaotic as any hokkai household. There were many animals running around and just as many human, zireh and nova. The shogunate was a wondrous place to live compared to the other nations Arlo knew for sure from a young age that his land brewed the best drinks. And he relished in them from a young age.

He always looked older than he was and at a young age he simply stopped growing in size and instead he built up more and more muscle. Unable to use chakra his youth was uneventful and he waited until he was 18 to attempt at joining the army. He got turned down due to his size and lack of chakra from birth. So he simply retreated to drinking and training with no true purpose like before. It was not until his 26th birthday that he decided to leave in search of fame elsewhere and he was meet by a man from the hell division of the Bachiatari who welcomed him into a division called earth.

Ronin Info

Village: Bachiatari(Earth Branch)
Rank: Archarios - D-Rank
Clan: Hokkai

Ability  Arlo's body was adapted in the womb on a genetic level. It caused his hands to grow and deform into a hard almost metallic shape which resembles larger than normal fist. These fist are best refereed to as power fist and as such they earn there name, his hands holding the ability to naturally pull in energy comprised inside his being. The fist corrupt ones chakra nodes making ninjustu unusable but in return the fist can be powered with varying levels of chakra and blood while not being considered ninjustu or Kinjustu in order to empower physical technique(Robin Tech/Taijustu); Main uses are Concussive force, intangible damaging and spiritual damage but the fist likewise branch off and can have many uses. The backs of the fist can likewise expend energy and due to not being able to hold more than one type of energy at a time when Arlo wishes he can expel and clear his fist reserves which look like a flame jet pushing out the back and even propelling Arlo forward allowing him to use it to place himself out of combat or chase down quicker targets when needed(will be made into separate technique). If one gains another energy type it becomes able to be used.

Pulling the energy into the fist depending on the amount requires varying levels of stamina while expending it alongside physical techniques causes stamina and recoil if the amount of energy suprassed the rank of the technique in question.
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:

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PostSubject: Re: Arlo Hokkai   Arlo Hokkai Icon_minitime28th April 2018, 11:36 am

Once you add your history, approved, add in your passives/starters

~A message to all~

~When I enter the cbox, you will give me at least 5 minutes before asking me for anything. If you do not I reserve the right to hit one of your characters with any technique I wish... From any character I wish.~

This has been a friendly PSA from Dadmin Blade. Have a good day.
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PostSubject: Re: Arlo Hokkai   Arlo Hokkai Icon_minitime28th April 2018, 12:47 pm

Ronin Starters:

Arlo's Passives:

Ozo's Passives:
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PostSubject: Re: Arlo Hokkai   Arlo Hokkai Icon_minitime

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Arlo Hokkai
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