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 Tein Shinto

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PostSubject: Tein Shinto   Tein Shinto Icon_minitime7th April 2018, 7:46 pm

Personal Info

Name: Tein Shinto
Alias: N/A
Age: 10
Gender:  Male
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarus

Personality: Insecurity is the root of this young vampire's being.

No matter how much he manages to change physically, deep inside him hides a scared, crying child who has no clue of how to function in the world, or why he functions. He was thrust into existence on a whim, tossed from the luxury of nonthought, suffering a torrent of memories, thoughts, emotions, and being dumped off in a strange place with strange people.

Since coming into being, he managed to build up an exterior personality as much of humanity has; a stubborn ass prideful brat that has no wishes to be used or abused. He has a strong sense of dignity, and doesn't wish for it to be crumbled at all. Though his behavior can be inconsistent at times, he still tries to maintain a good self-image. He's not flamboyant or wishing to have every eye on him, rather not wanting to be seen as a weak and helpless little boy who needs a mommy or daddy, or even big brother to hold his hand as he rubs his salted, teary eyes.

Because of his strong dislike towards being seen as weak, he tends to keep people at arm's length, and any sort of leaking of "private" info makes him severely regret it afterwards. He's easily embarrassed which is visibly shown with a hot, red face, a scrunched up nose, and puffed cheeks, followed by him quickly evacuating the conversation.

He may act very harsh and stubborn, with his defiance and refusal to follow or trust commands unless he is sure it will not hurt him or others, he truthfully has a general concern for lifeforms. He'd never want to hurt another creature unless put in a situation to be forced to, but He's no humanist or anything, most times he doesn't even make his regard for other's safety vocally obvious.

Appearance:Tein Shinto Anime_boy_by_darkxrina-d2xfr3m


Singing..? Why is there singing?

So cold... Bothering me... Can't I sleep a little longer?

Soon the Tien's eyes cracked open, light pooling into his vision as shapes formed, colors were born, and sounds came into coherency. The boy's face was pressed against something rather rough, kind of itchy as well, causing him to grunt and slowly sit up, his bare feet making contact with the floor before recoiling from how horribly cold it felt. People stood before him, having begun to leave their seats, chatter flooding the small white space.

A church... This is a church...

The boy drowsily rubbed his eyes, releasing a rather heavy yawn as he stretched his arms. Before he knew it, the church was almost completely empty of participants, the vacancy evident by the sheer lack of sound resonating in the rows of seats aside from some elderly folk giving some praises.

His attention was brought over to one of the windows, having been adorned with many white flowers, looking much like aesthetic-heavy little bells. His sleepy self was suddenly gravitated over to the display, little footsteps gently colliding with the marble floor as he reached towards what did not come to her mind, yet gave her a sense of calm.

But unfortunately, he was a few inches too short. He soon was pressed against the wall, straining to reach for the flora hanging serenely above him, just barely getting a grip on the pot...

"Ah! No! Non!" He felt his little body being grabbed as the decorative piece sailed towards the floor, a sturdy set of hands being produced to prevent the seemingly inevitable mess. The boy was yanked away from the disaster to be, one of the young men dressed quite fancifully in white having a tight grip on the pot. A sigh of relief puffed behind his head, his turning to see another with hands tight around his body though not his hands but bugs in the shape of hands, holding him securely.

"Kid, where are your parents?!" The pot catcher snapped at him, putting the flowers back where they had previously perched. The young Tien, struggled against the man who kept him fast to his chest, still wishing to partake in the flowers.

"he seems a bit young to be able to answer that, don't you think?" The man holding him at bay rose a brow at him, "Though he seems quite interested in the Lilium display."

Lilium... The word was a lovely tune in her thoughts and on his ears as the two men bickered back and forth of what to do with him, of course the girl blotting it out to stare at the white petals instead.

"... Well at least tell me your name?"

Faced with the question, the boy answered rather appropriately, despite being born mere minutes ago, "Tien, is my name."

Ronin Info

Village: Pandora
Rank: Apprentice Knight
Clan: Shinto

Ability Tick Physiology

Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:


Chakra Reserves: 5 C-Ranks
Stamina Reserves: 60
Bountys Killed: 3 D-Ranks


Chakra Reserve:9 C-ranks, 5 B-ranks, 3 A-ranks, 2 S-ranks
Blood Reserve: 1 A
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PostSubject: Re: Tein Shinto   Tein Shinto Icon_minitime9th April 2018, 10:25 pm


Add in your clan passives and your class passive
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PostSubject: Re: Tein Shinto   Tein Shinto Icon_minitime10th April 2018, 8:43 am

Not approved. What are you doing for the character slot for this character? Also, expand on Tick Physiology.

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This has been a friendly PSA from Dadmin Blade. Have a good day.
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Tein Shinto
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