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 Greed the Avaricious

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PostSubject: Greed the Avaricious   Greed the Avaricious Icon_minitime1st April 2018, 9:20 pm

Personal Info

Name: Bell Shinto
Alias: Greed the Avaricious
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 159Ibs
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Personality: Greed is.. Avaricious. He loves everything from power to money to women. He wants to own everything under the stars. His goals are big but currently his influence is small. He can be quite the gentleman, preferring the finer things in life after all. He refuses to fight women, even if his life is at stake. The only thing he really hates is when his possessions are taken from him.


History: Bell grew up in the slums of a small town within the Land of Madness. His mother was a former member of the Shinto clan while his father was a fisherman that worked at a port side village. However, living in the slums was a task too hard for the family due to the local big shot that often bullied small businesses. The gang that oversaw the town's 'protection' often bullied his family and others into giving them money to keep the peace.

Over time as Bell grew he joined the gang in order to help his family's troubles for a bit. He hated it when his family was bullied and as long as he worked for this guy his family would be safe. However, as Bell grew alongside these scoundrels he grew closer and closer to the higher ups. He began to make more and want more. Whether it be money, women or status. He grew to love the things these offered him. However, it still wasn't enough. He wanted more.

Bell was given the nickname Greed by the gang, since he was always going after the big scores and had an avaricious appetite. However, his boss didn't like how things were going, and neither did Greed. Greed wanted more and more every day and his boss recognized it. To try and put Greed in his place he decided to kill Greed's parents. But that couldn't have been his worse mistake. What Greed hated most was when his possessions was taken away. Once the line had been crossed Greed used his influence and money he gathered over the years to effectively turn the crime organization against the boss and gathered them all up, just to blow the building up with everyone in it.

With no more strings holding him back, Greed set out to create his own empire. But he needed money and lots of it. This back street peddling wouldnt get him far so he set his eyes on a much bigger goal. To go after bounties, creating a name for himself, gather influence and followers and most of all... Money.

Ronin Info

Village: None
Rank: D Missing Nin
Clan: Shinto (Ninhachi)

Ability Avarice: Avarice is the greed for wealth or material gain. This is the basic concept behind the sin of greed. However, this ability rather than gaining it takes away and gives something of equal value in terms of techniques. Rather than gaining money, Avarice instead uses money and material objects of value as a cost to draw power from the loss of wealth. In exchange it can allow creation of new objects, the power to increase or decrease the power of oneself or other, or even purchasing power from others. Everything in the world has a price, the question is, just how much is it? Avarice 'burn' money and materials of worth to create a new energy from the concept of money and wealth and turning loss into new power that one can use to utilize techniques of equal or lesser value to the wealth that was lost.

Primary Weapon: Pool Stick
Secondary Weapon: Blow Dart

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Posts : 9
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PostSubject: Re: Greed the Avaricious   Greed the Avaricious Icon_minitime1st April 2018, 9:24 pm

Shinto Passives:



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PostSubject: Re: Greed the Avaricious   Greed the Avaricious Icon_minitime2nd April 2018, 8:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: Greed the Avaricious   Greed the Avaricious Icon_minitime

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Greed the Avaricious
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