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 Tatonga Kurogane w.i.p

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Tatonga Kurogane w.i.p Empty
PostSubject: Tatonga Kurogane w.i.p   Tatonga Kurogane w.i.p Icon_minitime30th March 2018, 9:56 pm

Personal Info

Name:Tatonga Kurogane
Alias: Ratonhnhaké:ton "His spirit has emerged"
Age: 17
Height: 6'3
Zodiac Sign: Sagatarius  

Personality:Many things can be said of Tatonga Kurogane, but at the very least you'll find out he's ambitious and decisive. Of course, he's also clear-headed, sharing and adaptable, but they're far less prominent, especially compared to impulses of being obnoxious as well.
His ambitions though, this is what she's kind of cherished for. On many occasions, people will count on this and his responsibility whenever they need help. Nobody's perfect of course and Tatonga has plenty of character faults too. His hatred and apathetic nature risk ruining pleasant moods and make things uncomfortable, to say the least.

However, he tries to keep it under control.
Casual Attire

History: The bastard child of a potential Kurogane heir,  Tatonga was tossed aside once the divination of his destiny foresaw hardship and a possible dispute involving the lineage to be the head of the clan. In order to avoid that, Tatonga and his mother was sent away. However, growing up and realizing what occured, Tatonga  vowed revenge and sought great power in order to achieve that.

Race Info

Ninja Info

Village: Jiqokugakure
Rank: D-Rank
Clan: Kurogane
Chakra Nature:  Blood Release (Life + Water)

Primary Weapon:

Secondary Weapon: Kunai

Knight Info

Rank: Bronze Knight

Organization: N/A

Primary Specialization:
Secondary Specialization:
Tertiary Specialization:
Quaternary Specialization:

Jutsu Limit:
0/50 D-rank
0/30 C-rank
0/20 B-rank
0/10 A-rank
0/3 S-rank
0/1 SS-Rank

Stamina: 60
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Tatonga Kurogane w.i.p
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