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 Endings and Beginnings

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PostSubject: Endings and Beginnings   24th February 2018, 2:47 am

Long time no see NB fam. Some of you may know me, a couple of you probably don't, but I came here to speak with all of you. I joined this site six years ago as a highschool freshman with no idea how to roleplay under the account name Shiku (I was ass lmao). Most of my posts weren't even a paragraph long, and everything I wrote was garbage lol (S/O everyone who put up with it). It was my first Naruto rp forum ever and only my 2nd rp forum all together. When I first started rping I had no clue what the hell I was supposed to do after I finished the character sheet lol. The point is though, even though it was rough in the beginning, rping became a new hobby for me.

Throughout my highschool years I continued to enjoy my time with this new hobby by rping here on Naruto Beginnings. Slowly, but surely my writing continued to approve and it became even more fun when others were enjoying my posts and we created stories together. Growing up I loved the anime Naruto and always wanted to live in its "world". NB gave me a way to do that in a way. I have rped in multiple rp forums other than this one, but I'll always remember this site for teaching me rp skills and being my first Naruto forum.

It was funny, I remember a time years ago when I was having a discussion with Vix about one of my posts. She pretty much told me it was too short and didn't give her enough to work with, and had pretty much no detail (It was probably a couple sentences). I told her something along the lines of "Oh I have a disability and typing is hard for me". Now, I do have a disability, it is called Arthrogryposis for those curious enough, but it was an excuse. Vix obviously felt bad, but there wasn't really anything she could do about it, and we left it at that. Well because of that I continued to rp and my sentences turned into paragraphs, and I am now able to type 1000+ words if I need to, and even more if I have enough time. Idk if you remember that Vix, but I love and appreciate you for that moment, you literally pushed me into becoming a better writer.

Anyways, yeah, so I enjoyed rping a lot because it let me hop between reality and one of my favorite worlds. Reality wasn't necessarily terrible for me, it honestly wasn't even that bad compared to a lot of others, but rping let me do a lot of stuff I would never be able to do in real life because of my disability. Now I know turning chakra into a giant fireball in real life isn't possible for anyone, but it was just cool for me lol.

Now I was a busy kid in highschool, so my activity waivered I'm sure. I'm pretty sure I deleted my old Shiku account an made this one actually. Yeah, it was always hard finding time to rp. School was where most of my time went, along with homework, but there was also hanging out with friends and stuff. This isn't really related, but friends kinda made me think of this. Growing up I was embarrassed by rping. The people I chilled with didn't do it, and I knew if I ever said anything about it they would get on me lol. I always knew it was a "nerdy" thing, but I fucked with it. It just wasn't part of the culture growing up, and no one would ever think I did it because of my other likes and dislikes, other than anime, but I just kept it to myself. Still today the only person who knows I like it is one of my little brothers. Let me know if this was ever anything that got to you guys, or that you thought about, but yeah.

Anyways, a couple of years ago aka the beginning of 2016, something devastating happened to my family. I know I told you guys I disappeared because of college and stuff, and that is partially true, but something else happened. My single mother of 4 was incarcerated for an incident that occurred 10 years prior, an incident that she wasn't a part of. Now I don't want to talk about the charge or anything like that, but I will tell you she was looking at about 20 years. Yeah, fuck. At the time I was 18 years old and had a younger sister and two brothers. I don't really want to talk about the shit we went through cause that was one of the darkest points in my life. Imagine being the leader of your family through something like that at 18, yeah no other family was REALLY there for us. Dad's side was never present and our mother's side was fairly distant, other than our one grandmother who lives in Seattle, Washington. We live in Cali.

So whatever whatever, time goes on, about 4 months. My mom gets out with a 2 year probation after her father hires a badass attorney who costed cheese. (Grandfather's a rich, retired white guy. He better have spent some dough. My mom's white and my biological father is black if anyone was wondering.) But yeah, that's what happened during the chunin exams long ago. Shit smacked the fuck out the fan. When my mom got back we had to get a new place to live and shit, I had to help her out, yadda yadda yadda. During that time I also was starting college so it was hectic, no time for rping. Now I'm in my 2nd year of college and we moved into a house again instead of an apartment. My mom has a decent paying job even though she hates it, but with my help we're cool each month.

Yeah so I want to apologize to lying to you all, but Summer 16' was hell for me, and I didn't want to share it. Some people I still haven't told. Anyways yeah, when I disappeared, that was where I went (Sorry Sav and Blade <3). For a little bit now I have been rping on a one piece site and I seem to be managing my schedule somewhat. I tried to come back here twice since Summer 16' (Me and bro call it this cause of Drake's song that year) but after abandoning the fight in now what I remember to be the retrieval arc, not the chunin exams, I could never get back to the swing of things. I love Omito as a character and he was special to me because he was the first character of mine here to reach B-rank, but I just can't do it. So much has happened IC and I just can't find myself to enjoy rping as him anymore. Blade and Sav I am deeply sorry for taking and wasting so much of your precious time. I fuck with both of you tough and miss you guys, but I can't keep saying I'm going to rp with him when I know it isn't going to happen.

That being said, I came back to the site tonight just to say wassup to some people in the c-box, but no one was on. Instead I decided to just look through some old posts and memories I had here. The more I read, the more I realized how much I love this fucking place. The people, the originality and the system or so dope. I miss being here, chatting or rping. All memories here have been good for the most part.

Still, I have to delete this account, or just toss it to the side at least. This account is full of old projects, old posts, and old ideas. Even though they were fun and great, I need a fresh start.

I will be creating a new account to join the site with. This is both bad and good. Unfortunately this means me rping as Omito and my old characters will come to an end. It also means I will be coming back into activity. Like I said Sav and Blade (Xander too now that I think about it. Sorry for giving up on Zaku) I'm sorry, but for me to come back this was the only way.

I'm going to be making a missing-nin type character, or a civillian on my next account. That way I can kind of not have you guys rely on me if I dip off again, and also move at my own pace.

This post was not so you guys can feel bad for me or forgive me. I simply wanted to let yall know what has been going on with me the past few years, and no you all know. I don't know what made me want to share all of this, but I did miss you guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Endings and Beginnings   24th February 2018, 10:32 am

(I know this might sound weird, so don't judge me.)Kaiza, I know you might not know me but I know you, or maybe I should say I know some of the projects that you did. Even with some being incomplete, I read through most of the site topics whenever I'm feeling down, between you, miasma, hatta, and xander(xan was mostly while learning the mechanics, but whenever.) We're the topics I specifically looked for when I need something up life. This is actually the second to site I join, the first was more set around story building and character interaction (so there was little to no fights on that site.) But when I joined this site I was shit at roleplaying as the other site had shutdown three years ago, so I kinda stopped roleplay it off depression. I think it's been two or three years since i've been here and I seen a few people come and go (and a few plagiarize *shade has been thrown*), hopefully when you come back we could plot together even if you don't plan on making a character that doesn't need much interaction.
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PostSubject: Re: Endings and Beginnings   24th February 2018, 12:42 pm

Wow, well first off I'm glad your mom's out the system is a shit show. Still I'm glad your back, and welcome a fresh start sometimes it's needed to get your bearings especially when things change the way they do. /you have my blessing to make a new account I'm also pleased that one of my offhand comments motivated you to becoming better. Honestly I noticed the improvement before you left which was one of the reasons it was such a disappointment back then, still it's understandable and well things are in the past now. Yawnz, I do however know that Ness is going to be ecstatic that your back despite you no longer rping as Omito, after all it's who you are as a member that is the most important.

Either way, welcome back <3


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PostSubject: Re: Endings and Beginnings   24th February 2018, 1:23 pm

Just to let everyone know this is my new account. And thanks for the welcoming guys! Haio, of course we can get something going like that.
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PostSubject: Re: Endings and Beginnings   

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Endings and Beginnings
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