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 Sensui Kukinorite[WIP]

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PostSubject: Sensui Kukinorite[WIP]   Sensui Kukinorite[WIP] Icon_minitime10th December 2017, 8:27 pm

Personal Info

Name: Sensui Kukinorite
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


PreBrain Charge:

Brain Charge = Narissa Kukinorite:


Sensui's tale began just like any other. Born to his loving parents a Nova father and Faunus mother, everything was to be sweet and dandy from there. However, his new life would soon find itself in many tight situations. Sensui's father was, in fact, a member of the Kukinorite clan who looked harshly upon his son for his race. Although his father was Nova, Sensui took majorly after his mother in appearance. He was a true Faunus of the aqua tribe in appearance, the scales, the fins, the tail. Growing up with his features many judged his ability to be a Kukinorite due to being a Faunus, let alone not being capable of using chakra, yet a few saw some promise in him.

How would a Faunus handle their techniques? Would they excel? Could they handle it? These surely must have been their thoughts as they ushered him to prove his worth. So he did. Sensui did all he could to gain acceptance, even when they dangled the Brain Charger experiment in front of him. All the while he began to resent these clansmen and eventually humans in general. Why did he have to be treated so? It wasn't his fault. No, it was theirs. Their closed-mindedness and selfish ideals. He didn't need any of them. Alas, he was still just a child. They were the only family he had known, so with hope, he applied for the procedure. It was a success. Yet, it didn't accomplish what he wanted in the end. Resentment only remained and would continue to fester.

It wasn't long before the world began to change dramatically. New empires arose to challenge the world and blood were spilled in enormous quantities. Sensui had no care for it. During these times he escaped from it all, the discrimination, the clan, the humans. He lived alone for a time but his mind would often drift to the sea and its vastness. He wanted to see it. Sensui soon found his way to a port, it was natural, he was of the aqua tribe and possessed the natural advantages for living in the waters. Ready to live life as a beast, in solitude but at peace. Sweet peace. Though his plans had ran askew as he met a man by the name of Hakayune. Along with him were others in a group. Though out of all them this man left the strongest impression on him, leading to Sensui regarding the man with the utmost respect. While on the other hand, one of his members simply reaffirmed his resentment. The one that went by Marx seemed to embody the same elitist mindset that he wanted to escape from. This tension between the two easily beget arguments and physical altercations whenever they were together. Though this through their times as Buccaneers simply became a bond of sorts. As Sensui eventually joined them following Hakayune and finding himself a new place to belong.

Through their travels at sea, Sensui proved to be an irreplaceable part of the group and fit quite nicely among them. This led to him gaining his own Jolly Rodger tattoo from Hakayune. The tattoo he received ironically symbolized resent and he believed to be a sign to use his own to become stronger. As he would need to become much more powerful to help keep this home and family of his safe.

Now at current, he simply enjoys the passing of days on the water's surface perfecting his skills and wreaking havoc with the Buccaneers.

Pirate Template

Race: Nova-Beast
Clan/Tribe: Kukinorite/Aqua
Ocean of Origin: Lost
Piracy: Buccaneer

Infamy:Elite D-rank
Main Crew Position: Quartermaster
Ragnarok Jolly Roger Tattoo: Urami

Equipment Name: SB – Brain Charger
Type of Equipment: Equipment – Feet (Chakra Board)
Rank: A-rank
How Many: 1
Appearance: The SBs take the appearance of normal skates, however based on the riders personal choices, the colors will vary. The SBs also have only four wheels, never more.

Special Ability: The SBs of the Brain Chargers differ greatly from the SBs of the Gravity Children due to their lack of training in the zero gravity conditions. The SBs of the Brain Chargers allows them to ride on any surface, however they must possess a corresponding Road to that surface.
Weight: 6
Slots: N/A

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Posts : 443
Join date : 2013-01-10
Age : 24
Location : under a blanket

Sensui Kukinorite[WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sensui Kukinorite[WIP]   Sensui Kukinorite[WIP] Icon_minitime10th December 2017, 10:01 pm

Kukinorite Tech




Whirlpool Road [Almost]:








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Sensui Kukinorite[WIP]
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