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 NarutoBeginnings: High School Days

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PostSubject: NarutoBeginnings: High School Days   5th December 2017, 7:22 am

Multiverses are always fun, no?

Well what if somewhere out in the cosmos, there is a world where all the amazing people that populate the lands of NarutoBeginnings, are just regular people? Where there's no special powers besides natural learned skills. Like cooking. Such colourful characters we have, and a new place to let these people play.

Have them attend the typical classes; English Lit and Sciences, or branch out to the adventurous Cooking and Coaching. Then drop in to the many clubs of many sports, arts, even manga and occult clubs. Places for everybody! And more can be created by request.

Set in a small town that will expand as we grow. Outside of the school campus you can find an under 21 nightclub, their own 'asian district' and a fully equipped sports centre, offering areas for activities from soccer to ice skating. And more popping up as the days go on. Simply put in a request.

As we have a mix of countries, and my lack of experience with the american or japanese structure, I opted for a pretty general approach. Simply, imagine your characters in a real world teenage setting, and I'll shape the world as best as I can to make it fun for everyone.

Character List
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NarutoBeginnings: High School Days
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