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 Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY)

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Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY) Empty
PostSubject: Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY)   Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY) Icon_minitime18th September 2017, 2:37 am

Personal Info

Name:Eido San "The Crimson Monk"
Birth Country:Fire
Race: Human
Rank: A

Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY) Monkye10
Primary Weapon: Hands
Secondary Weapon:Feet
Additional Equipment:

Eido was raised by monks. The monks that raised him say that he was dropped off in the middle of the night on their doorstep. They even joked that someone may have confused their monastery as a church, but that they knew it was their responsibility to tend to him.  He was taught in the ways of buddhism throughout his life and over the years had taken a great interest in all sorts of religious and spiritual philosophies that extended past the teachings of the Buddha.

Once, when Edward was a teenager, he was in a deep meditation session in where he had visions of his parents.  It would be an event that would mark and scar him for the rest of his life.   In his visions he saw what seemed to his father being impaled along with his mother by a spear that seemed to be made of energy.  Almost as if trapped within a trance the earth's negative energy began to corrupt Edward's energy core.  He was so enraged and disillusion by what he had seen that he couldn't control his own mind and body, as it began to be consumed by the rage.  In his fury his real world self began tearing down walls, killing people in his path and causing total and utter destruction.

After he returned to his normal state and saw what he had done he fled the city and took up a life of solitude in the mountains where he could never hurt anyone ever again.  After years of training his body, mind and soul he has decided to return to try an assimilate with civilization.

Weight Limit: 7/10



Hien (Flying Swallow)
Name: Hien, literally "Flying Swallow"
Type: B-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

Daisenpu (Great Whirlwind)
Name: Daisenpu, literally "Great Whirlwind"
Type: C-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

Gorikki Senpu (Strong Whirlwind)
Name: Gorikii Senpū, literally "Leaf Strong Whirlwind"
Type: B-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

Tarenken (Multiple Connecting Punches)
Name: Tarenken, literally "Multiple Connecting Punches"
Type: Kekkei genkai, No rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

Palm Whirlwind
Type: B-Rank
Chakra is released from the Palms and spins forward towards the enemy

Palm Tornado
Type: A-Rank
Winds of 150+ MPH pull and shove the enemy while they are barraged by whips of chakra and direct taijutsu hits.  This technique if done under the right circumstances and energy levels can prove fatal to weak shinobi.

Dragon's Breath
Type: Rank C
A Huge Breath is released which knocks the enemy back while sending chills running down their spine

Hurricane Kick
Type: Rank-A
A Series of kicks that land and hit with the force of a hurricane, charka is enveloped along the whole body and acts is released with every kick


- Body Replacement Technique
- Clock of Invisibility Technique
- Sealing Technique
- Unsealing Technique

- Spirit Blast
Type: Rank-B
Eido gathers charka in this hands and releases a might blast towards his enemy

- Spirit Shield
Type: Rank- B
Eido gathers the planet's chakra and molds it into a visibile energy shield.  It reflects most damage for a short amount of time, but has a long cooldown phase before being able to be used again

- Speed Up / Strength Up
Type: Rank B
Eido takes a few moments to center his chi and gather up energy from his surroundings.  It temporarily acts as a boost for a short amount of time.
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Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY)   Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY) Icon_minitime18th September 2017, 8:00 am

I would like to lead by saying Hello and welcome to the site!

Secondly, you will need to follow the standard template for a character, based on what faction and class your character is going to be. The first post in your app is made strictly for your character's information, while the posts following contain their currently learned techniques. Their are currently no factions that allow you to start at A-Rank, and the Land of Fire doesn't exist on Naruto Beginnings. Also, the teachings of Buddha do not exist on NB, monks usually follow the Shinigami as a deity.

Seeing as Eido is Human, please go here and use either the Ronin, Ninja or Samurai templates, depending on the class you select for him. Since you wish to make him a monk, I would suggest a Samurai, as one of their main styles is Monk-related.

As for the techniques, as a Missing Nin Eido is only capable of starting with 5 techniques outside of his class and clan starters, which you have exceeded. All techniques that have not already been registered must also be registered in the Jutsu Registry, following the proper template.

Once you have made all of these changes, someone will go over this app again.

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Eido San "The Crimson Monk" (MERCENARY)
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