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 Show Sasori

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PostSubject: Show Sasori   19th July 2017, 10:18 pm

Personal Info

Name:Show Sasori
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Height: 5'0
Weight: 100
Zodiac Sign:

Personality: I am a cool kid and with you reading this now you just became a little bit cooler; congratulations. To reiterate, I am a winner or did I say cool kid? It does not really matter. Winners become cool and cool kids are always winners even when they lose. It's weird trust me but fuckin true none the less. I like fighting not because I am a freaking miscreant but because I like the feeling of mastering something be it a style or a opponent I tend to get relentless. My age is not a weakness, I mean my mind wonders.....when you go yourself at the edge of a cliff and slowly look down then look up to notice your on top of that fuckin cliff and you now own that motherfucker maybe a piss is in order....random dog thought. My mind is that of a child at the end I things but despite my nature I will have no qualms with killing. Some say kids can easoer repress emotion and I fully note that cause if it came to It I could kill you for reading this. I hunger

History: I mean i fucking was found by Armenezra, raised along with her group, I don't do much expect train eat and shit and so far I like it if not for the kickboxing I would have left at five  and the cakes each birthday; there nice. I wanna be a peacekeeper to but only to help Armenzra kick bad guys asses and bring balance to the world. Today I am eight and I begin learning the eight gates!

Ninja Info

Village: Bachitari
Rank: D-Rank
Clan: Sasori
Chakra Nature: Pseudo All tai

Primary Weapon: Boxing Gloves

Secondary Weapon: Shin Guards

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PostSubject: Re: Show Sasori   20th July 2017, 2:53 am

Passive from Clan:

Endurance Tier:

Speed tier:

Eight Gates:

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PostSubject: Re: Show Sasori   21st July 2017, 6:07 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Show Sasori   

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Show Sasori
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