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 Kurama of the Wasteland

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PostSubject: Kurama of the Wasteland   6th July 2017, 4:21 pm

The temple was intact, however it was ever evident that something was wrong, as everything was quiet and the bustling activity of those who worshiped "The Mad God" was absent. Perhaps it was due to the dark miasma which filled the air, or maybe it was due to the sudden appearance of the last of the nine. Yet, despite it's sudden appearance it was slumbering and thus was not actively causing destruction around it. But then again due to it's nature even when it was doing something as peaceful as sleeping death surrounded everything in proximity to it. It's very presence was a danger to life itself, as plant life wilted, rivers began to dry up and fauna began to fall sick and drop dead if they did not flee in time. It was only natural after all the Kyubi even while asleep reigned supreme among the natural disasters that the Bijuu were known as...



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Kurama of the Wasteland
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