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 yetea family problem

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PostSubject: yetea family problem   Thu May 11, 2017 7:22 pm

yetea seemed a bit overwhelmed due to her previous experiences, her life started all wrong and it was up to her to make the best of it; like she could do that on her own. she laid under a tree, which protected her from the harmful sun-rays; which on a usual day wouldn't really be of of an importance, well at least not to her. today it was yetea's lazy day, she had practice her archery and followed the ways of her clan; which she was technically sold away from. yetea's life growing up had been a bit more difficult than one could assume, her father whom would take a drink of a beverage with a strong disusting smell whenever he had the time to, with it her father seemed like a completely different man, while under the influence of alcohol he seemed less of the man he used to be and more of a monster. with them he'd would gain an immense increase of strength, but surely he was forgeting the man whom he once was, the man whom often hold his daughter up in his hands and spin her around until she would laugh, or the person who'd take his daughter around to visit people within the village. surely yetea had realized that her father was no longer the man who she used to know and accepting this would be difficult, truly difficult; but what she needed now was the strength to bring her to take the life of her opponent, or any opponent that stood in front of her for that matter. "is anyone good enough?" she paused then restated the question she had once asked "are there any good people in this world?" the real question finally left her mouth, and it was a good one. since she has gotten here, there wasn't really anyone who peaked her interest or even raise her curiosity to give an once of fuck to actually socialize with them despite the larger amount of shogunate members who are actually in this army. well she need a huge bounce, at least something to take her from the ground and move her one level up, she needed to visit the pits of tartarus something to get her blood moving and her rank increasing at the same time.

She closed her eye, while leaning her head down; she tried to envision herself in a few years. In her hands held a bow, which her current self was unfamiliar with, yet she held it as if she know it for years. The bow had her full trust nothing really seemed odd about such relationship, well other than the fact she it was he current brown wooden bow,  this bow had the oak traits of her current bow; yet it was deep dark black. As if the bow itself held a secret that her current self wanted to know this very instance, she tried to think of what the sect would be, a love interest. She paused for a mere moment than laughed loudly and rudely, it wasn't often that she could make such a joke out of a serious moment as that. The laughter continue as she began to reminiscent on the person she envisioned herself,  she seemed at least 16 and stood 5'9, she would be one of the tallest in the conversation of females. Her blue eyes were still beautiful and gallant, even she got lost looking into her own eyes, her mind plead for a map but was denied like anyone else who came looking for a handout. Her pale skin was still as bright and brilliant as milk or even snow, it felt soft and silky. those who actually touched her must've slipped away and fallen from the skin so soft and delicate it was comparable to a new born baby. Many people would've yet to understat, behind such a pretty face hide such an ugly story, looking at her lip, it was so tempting not to stare and wonder how sort they actually were.  This caused the need for her to rub her fingers againstead her own lip to feel it's current softness, yet nothing could compare to her taller, prettier self.

At that moment yetea went to a moment in her past, some would consider it a flashback, others a premonition, but to yet it was simple remembering what she came from. In this flash back, she seen a bit of her younger self, she stood within a forest with loads of animals around her. There was none to few whom she could trust within this forest,  besides her kikaichū within her body. At a moments glimpse one would confuse her for a simple little girl, but her biugs and her instincts separated her from the average shinobi, they were able to attach themselves onto dangerous enemies who decided to search for them. It was natural to feel scared in an unfamiliar location but yetea was exactly the fearful type. Situations like that only caused her to blame her parents for bringing into the world someone they didn't want, it built resentment that she hoped to let our shown onto her parents one day; but she couldn't fight the urges to believe that they might have wanted the best for her and they'd return soon enough to retrieve the little girl that once sold. Only resentment and hope filed her heart,  two natural feelings on the opposite side of the pendulum. One only made the other stronger while the other grew weaker everyday she stayed and waited for her parents to come rescue her,  finally three months had pasted before she realized they were never really going to come rescue her.  It was only a fantasy she used to explain there action, there it would be when her mentality began to show, her "I'm not a princess waiting to be rescued" mentality. This made things easier for her when it came to deal with her objective surviving, but her ability to trust naturally was lost in the mist of all that. here it was that nothing was really the same about her.

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PostSubject: Re: yetea family problem   Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:54 am


~A message to all~

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yetea family problem
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