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 Team Himiko: First Journey

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PostSubject: Re: Team Himiko: First Journey   1st July 2017, 11:11 am

"Camp huh? Well, maybe we should sit around and tell some stories or anything of the sort?" Enzo would say as he sat down around the fire and started to warm himself up. " Like, for instance, did something scary happen in anyone's life that could count as a pretty decent horror story? if we are going to camp out and sit around a fire, might as well hold off one of the traditions. "He sincerely doubted that anyone had smores, but Enzo would just go to sleep if no one was interested. His sensory was still on, so he would wake up periodically to find out what it is.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Himiko: First Journey   6th July 2017, 6:57 am

He tires? The old man is tired, great so now we need to sit around and be all jolly like. Well, I suppose the fire was set up and I doubt we're magically packing a tent to erect, so I suppose it was time to kick back for the rest of the day. Taking a seat around the fire, he'd let the overall vibe collect around him before tuning in to the ramblings of his young teammate. "Horror stories, huh? Hmm, well there was this one girl I went to school with..." He would trail off intentionally, giving a sly, yet amused grin in his sensei's direction before drifting his gaze towards the flames. Obviously he wasn't thinking of her in this case, far to prudish, but there was no harm in letting everyone else's mind fill in the blanks on their own. On the topic however, Raion made note of the fire clearing thing that she did, slightly surprised by it. For some reason, it wasn't until just now that he realised boil requires water AND fire.

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PostSubject: Re: Team Himiko: First Journey   6th July 2017, 1:47 pm

Topic End (Will create a new topic in the Land of Souls)


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PostSubject: Re: Team Himiko: First Journey   

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Team Himiko: First Journey
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