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 Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]

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PostSubject: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   19th July 2016, 8:24 am

After the fighting in the Bunker, each of the successful teams would end up with a month of time to reflect and ready their bodies in time for the Finals of the Chunin Exams. The time had come swiftly and the teams were gathered up once more before being taken back to the Exam District and brought to the largest building there, the Arena. It was a huge construct, open at the top for all that could fly over and with rings of concentric circles to mark out seating for those that would come and watch their children, their friends, their enemies compete to get promoted. Once the teams were arrayed by their teachers, the Sensei then quickly leaving, a man stepped out onto a podium in front of the assembled Genin and the crowd. A large hat covered his head and his body was covered in tan robes edged with green markings; the Gurekage.

"Greetings genin. I am proud to see you have come so far through danger and adversity. You are all well trained, some of you not so disciplined but all of you have done well! I am pleased as are, I imagine, your friends and family! These are the finals of the Chunin Exams, these are the final calling to decide who among you can be promoted and who will be made to try again next year!"
He declared, his voice was powerful, easily heard all across the arena. "The finals for the Hakagakure Exams are designed to test your abilities as a team in a variety of circumstances and conditions. You will fight as a team against each other team in the finals. At the end of each match you will all be restored and you will move onto the next. This is where you should show all of your necessary skills, do not hold back, fight as hard as you need to, as tenaciously as you need to!" He told them, raising a hand and clenching it, a smile on his face under his hat.

"I believe that all of you possess the potential to be great chunin. I want you to show me this. If you are unable to continue fighting and do not wish to die, you merely need to shout 'I quit' and you will be escorted off the battle site until the next match. If you wish for your team to sit out the match you must shout 'We Withdraw', you can do this to prevent an ally's death and you will be able to fight in the next fight. The call of 'We Forfeit' will be used to signify being unable to fight in the rest of the exams and you will sit out for the remainder."
He told them all before clapping his hands together. Four positions lit up, each of them a glowing number on the ground. A glowing 2 faced a glowing 6 and a glowing 8 faced a glowing 9. Once everyone was in position the Gurekage nodded. "On my signal... You will begin your first fights." He gave them twenty seconds before he leaped forwards, slammed into the middle of the battlefield and then threw his arms up, a massive wall of earth rising between the two sets of two teams. "BEGIN!" He roared. The finals had started.



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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   19th July 2016, 9:48 am

Calesto would walk into the arena still a bit groggy from nearly oversleeping until just moments ago, however as the four teams made it inside the arena his eyes would be blasted with the sounds of the thousands of spectators cheering for the upcoming fights. If you asked him it was a rather rude awakening as he put his hands over his ears in order to slightly deafen him from the loud noises, like not even a cup of coffee, just a thunderous roar of applause pelting his ear drums. Which was only silenced when the kage had started to speak himself, and to be honest the guy could probably give up his military career to go into the preforming arts with a set of lungs like that. He would listen to the man's voice as he spoke of the rules of the fights, and to be honest Calesto was grateful that this part of the exams was strictly team based combat. This just meant that his team would be able to showcase their skills, quite unlike the debacle that was the preliminaries, which he honestly felt a little cheated that they had passed by the other team forfeiting before things could really get interesting. "Okay Liara, as soon as the fight starts I want you to merge with me. Takeshi, keep as close to us as possible as we'll all be relying on each other for these matches. He would say to his team mates before he would walk towards the part of the arena where his team was supposed to fight team 9.

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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   19th July 2016, 12:47 pm

Takeshi had been in a rather foul mood ever since the anticlimactic end to the preliminary round of these exams. He was still trying to fathom why his opponents had just given up after having them right where they wanted them? Did they truly just entered these exams so that they could showcase what they could do and leave? What a waste, but what’s done is done I suppose. Takeshi thought to himself as the Gurekage rambled on about the final stage of the exams. Thankfully the final exam was team themed rather than individual based since fighting as a team was their forte. “Yeah, okay.” Takeshi simply said as he twirled the flute around like a baton. Apparently, their first opponents where Team 9 and apart from knowing that a member of their squad was a part of that retrieval team, he didn’t know much, but this may prove to be quite interesting.


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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   19th July 2016, 3:05 pm

Liara didn't necessarily care about the result of the match, due to the fact that two important things happened The first important thing that happened was that they won. The second important thingthat happened was that theyw ere able to manage the injuries that they recieved throughout the match, which meant liara was able to do her job. So liara was happy to say the least. " Phew....." Liara would ty to relax, but after that announcement, she was a little more anxious. "Alright..... thought.. this is the first time we all fought together like this....i hope we are ready...

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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   19th July 2016, 5:57 pm

Nyen would be fully dressed, it had been a month and in that month she had worked on a couple of things the cracked appearance from the prelims was long since gone and her stoic outward mask was once again firmly in place. Not even a single hair moved as she listened to the Gurekage's speech and her arms were folded once more as she merely waited until he was done before nodding to her teammates and walking to the area that they were assigned. Both of them would of course, after that fight with Alexander she had learned a lot about Takahiro and now knew how to talk to him, as for Colt well he was different and somehow the same his brief bout of seriousness had faded for the most part. She knew it was still there but he was hiding it in his usual silliness but when push came to shove it would be brought back to the surface, she would scan the stands picking out her clan who had came to watch her. She was glad she had outward visage set in stone otherwise her discomfort with their presence would of given her away and she would shift away to lay her eyes on Kisuke-sensei and saw his nod of approval. She would use that to ground herself  and sigh once more making sure everything she needed was in place before turning to the others.

"Let's do our best guys."

(Team 9 Exits to Arena)



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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   19th July 2016, 7:22 pm

It was quite an amazing feat,  for ty to stand here amongst the best of those genin who've made it so far;  Part of their travel might have been luck,  but most of it was due to them being elite. The  thought of being in this conversation is worthwhile,  but for ty he seemed to being dragged most of the way; and it didn't seem that he could stop relaying on them now,  but this time ty would make himself useful and will rai and Shiro to their promotions. Ty arrived at the tournament barely making it early lucky enough for him rai and Shiro had told him everything that went on. The conversation reflexes around a team battle something which ty would be able to prove his loyalty in simple.

[team 2 exit]
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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   19th July 2016, 10:43 pm

Armen and his team stepped into the arena. They were all wearing their squad 6 battle gear but they seemed very serious today. Today they were focused because it was the most important day of their lives thus far. It was the finals, and they have arrived to the arena. Many elite genin stood their, some that to others seem untouchable, but wither they were or not, team 6 would not let up on them. Armen has to rely on his team, believe in what they've built and how far they all have come individually. This isnt a test of whose the strongest individual, its time to find out who is the best team. So ready or not, here it comes... Team 6, lets get it!

[Team 6 Exits]

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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]   

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Chunin Exams Finals [Chunin Exams Arena]
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