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 0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training)

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0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Empty
PostSubject: 0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training)   0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Icon_minitime6th July 2016, 3:26 am

The sun had set on Dipugakure and everyone would be turning in to rest their weary heads. They all had been working for their keep on this day just as they did on any other day, hard work pays off in the end after all. Decimus would sit up in his bed and stare at the wall, he couldn't sleep. His feet would hit the floor with a soft thudding sound as he clambered out of bed and got dressed. He walked about the house silently as he didn't wish to awake his siblings. He crawled out through the window, as per usual, and went out into the night. He would wander around town for a bit as he ponder on a lot of things that had been keeping him up. As of late he's had the feeling that he was becoming more and more of a burden to his family, as well as those around him. (What if a time comes and I'm not up to it?) he would punch a nearby pole in frustration. A soft sigh would escape his lips as he tried to make it seem like that didn't hurt. As he wondered around late into the night he came to the conclusion that he wasn't putting in enough effort. He was very well aware that his training had been slacking severely since his family had been becoming independents of their own. He couldn't let himself fall behind, not just for them but for himself as well, he needed to get stronger and that's what he was going to do. He made his way to the training grounds and took a seat. He would look around the area multiple times, inspecting every little thing he could. After about a good 15 minutes passed he would stand up again, draw Slicanig from its sheath, and begin hacking away at a nearby tree. The sweat on his brow only seemed to get worse the more he wiped away. In due time the tree would fall over, slamming into the ground "One down". He would repeat this process at least 3 more times before he took a break. Decimus would stare at the sky, day break would be upon him soon but he was wide awake. At this point he was committed  to his cause, rest was for the weary. He would begin hacking and carving into the downed trees, they were much to big for him to carry at this point but he would change all that. As he set himself to work he would start bouncing to a little beat in his head "ahhh, yeah. Beatin' on dis tree trunk, dontchu mess wit me punk. Spittin all this heat out bettah watch out fo me now, comin' out these wood works cuz y'know I don't lurk. ah yeah yeah". It took him the rest of the night just to finish but he managed to get it done. He nodded his approval of his little construction project. Decimus would sigh as he figured it was time to turn in. He would walk over to one of the trees he hadn't cut down and climb up into the branches and make himself comfortable. It wasn't as comfy as his bed was but his body protested against his lack of sleep and he would slowly drift off to sleep.

It was around midday by the time Decimus would wake up again. He would stretch a little before rolling out of the tree and landing on the ground. He would ignore his stomach's outburst for food as he didn't have any at the moment. Instead he would focus on the present and what was present was this training. He would take a seat on his newly constructed wooden weight bench. He would give it a few tests before adding on some wooden weights as well and doing 20 reps. Believing he could totally out do himself he added more weight and continued to repeat the process until he couldn't lift any more. He would pick himself up off the bench and let out an exasperated breath. Decimus was beat but he didn't have any quit in him just yet. He ran a couple of laps around the area until his body finally decided to give in and he collapsed where he stood. "Dang... My arms kinda hurt doe for real" his breaths were ragged at this point. He would heave himself up after multiple tries and crawl over to the bench to rest. He still had to get through the rest of the day and he sure enough wasn't going to do that just sitting around doing nothing! There was training to be done and he had to do. Decimus would grab a hold of the weights and begin lifting them individually instead of lifting the whole thing. He would curl the wood multiple times in hand hand before switching to the other. His arms ached in protest but Decimus wouldn't be deterred. He dropped the weight again and took on some more laps. The day was slowly but surely coming to a close as the sun drifted down toward the horizon ever so casually. After repeating the process a couple of times he could feel his whole body shutting down on him, his vision was getting blurry and his movements were going from sluggish to downright immovable. Eventually  it gave out and he was face down in the dirt once more. This time he didn't try to force anything and let his body rest up.

Decimus would wake up with a start, sitting up quickly he would find himself... In his bed? His confusion was apparent because last he checked he wasn't home when he passed out. Unless it was all a dream "oooooo hecks nah mane, I did all dat work for nun? Dafaq!?". Determined to make the dream a reality he got up to get out of bed but his body wouldn't move. Looking down at himself he would noticed that he had been patched up a little bit. He could only assume somebody recognized him and brought him home or something like that. He would lay back down and stare at the ceiling. He would have to give at rest until his body was ready for the strain of it all again.

Decimus would let his body rest throughout the previous day but now that he was mobile again it was time to get back into the swing of things. He dressed himself as quickly as he could manage before grabbing some bread as well as some water and heading out. Re-arriving at the scene of his training he would smile "it's lit bruh". Decimus would put his food down and draw his weapon, he had wanted to test the results of his previous training regiment and had a good idea on how to do so. Sadly he would have to chop down another tree, he would have to replant these at some point. He would begin chopping away once more until the tree was about to give way. He quickly moved to the opposite side and then began putting pressure on it, attempting to force the tree to stay up right. It was a fairly big tree and he was fairly little person however he wasn't going to let no tree push him around. It would ever so slightly tilt more and more toward the ground as Decimus gave his all to hold the thing up. Despite his greatest efforts he eventually had to give in and roll out of the way before he was crushed. He would remain on ground, panting for air but a smile gracing his face "Had it for a whole 10 seconds yo!". He pulled himself up and dusted off his clothes. He walked over and took a swig of his water before going off to attempt it once more. The end result was the same in the end as he could only maintain the weight but for so long. He would rest himself for a bit as he pondered what his brothers were up to (probably training harder than I am). He would sigh and take a couple of laps at his top speed. Coming to a stop Decimus would catch his breath  . He would walk over to some of the spare wood he had laying around, pondering how to utilize the stuff. After a bit he came up with an idea, he just hoped he had enough strength to lift the stuff. He would place Slicanig on the ground next to him before taking a small log and tossing it  into the air. He would quickly take a knee and wait for the log to fall close to him before taking his blade and slicing at the wood, cleaving it in half. Repeating the process an ample amount of times. Sheathing his sword he would take a seat where he stood, welcoming another break. He would let time pass by before deciding to call it a day and returning home. He would run a cold shower and clean himself up before hitting the sheets, another day gone.

The next day would arrive swiftly and Decimus would find himself waking up slowly. He groaned loudly, audibly displaying his body's discomfort with his recent uptake in high intensity training. "Dayum mane... I aint bout this at all" he realized the house was empty once again. Nowadays it seemed like Decimus was having a hard time keeping up with his family, they always seemed to get up before him and be gone before he even knows. He would sigh softly, they all had their lives to live in the end. He would roll out of bed and grab a couple of ice packs for his body, it would seem he would take another rest day to recuperate.

The following day, Decimus would rise earlier than the sun and get himself prepared for the day. Stretching himself out to limber up, he would head out immediately afterward. Returning to the usual training place he would waste no time in getting everything set up. Utilizing the left over wood he would hang them to the standing trees. A dodging exercise could be a good warm up for him. After triple checking he would stand in the center of the course. Taking his sword he would cut the lead vine, causing the chain reaction that would launch the wood at him from different angles at different intervals. He wouldn't leave the center instead would shift his stance in order to guide himself out of the way. Initially he made a couple of mistakes and the wood would collide into him multiple times. He would cough up a bit of blood but he would wipe it away quickly "Gotta keep going." He retied the setup multiple times, succeeding and failing at a different intervals. By the time he decided to take a break his body had taken a bit of a beating but he didn't seem all too fazed about the fact. He walked over to the closet tree and took a seat. Decimus took note that he wasn't feeling all too pained though he knew he had been taken a beating. A soft smirk would make its way upon his face. Perhaps he was making a bit of progress but there was always room for improvement. He would get up once more and repeat the entire regiment over from the very start to his current point without stop, if he could make it through all of this without stopping then he was well on his way to making a breakthrough in his training. Coming to completion he would take a knee, he had made it through surprisingly enough. If he had a mirror he would probably be looking himself up and down with a bit of confidence radiating off of him. Taking a deep breath he decided that he would run it one more time before bringing it in for the day. Finishing up he would collect his gear and head back into to town and grab some food. The server would question why he was all beat up as much as he was, immediately assuming he had been picking a fight or something like that. He would laugh "Nah fam, I had been out dur gettin' good" the server would laugh along though he probably had no idea what he was talking about. He would pay and head home for the day. Returning home he would immediately take a seat on his bed and relax, maybe he wasn't out of the race just yet.

The next day he would go all out, he intended to double up on everything that he could for as long as he could. This was the time to put it all to the test, he's been working himself to death but it all meant nothing if he didn't see any results at the end of the day. He would return to the training site and begin work immediately. Why waste time, the quicker he knew his new limits the quicker he could adjust. Doubling up on the weight he had been lifting prior, increasing the length of his running, double up on the length he had to hold those trees up, increasing the amount of logs he had to dodge and avoid. All of it would increase the difficulty significantly. At the end of it all he would lay on his back exhausted. He couldn't move all too much but hey, progress is progress. He would let himself rest up a bit causing him to let his mind wander as he waited for his body to respond to his movements again. "Aye, y'know what? I dun gone and left my wallet at the crib... Ima starve like a mutha." The day would drift onward but Decimus would remain where he was, not moving. He tried multiple times to force his body to move but in the end it would seem it had enough of his reckless antics. Midday would arrive and he finally got some feeling back. He would use every ounce of strength he possessed and lifted himself up. "I got one more round in me.." He got himself up and would try to run the course once more, running on sheer will power at this point. He would skip out on the endurance training this time however as he didn't feel like crushing himself under some big ass tree. Nightfall would befall the land and Decimus had concluded that his body had reached its limit at this point. He would return back home, slowly, his body truly was going to shut down if he kept going at this rate. He figured he'd be fine after about a week or so of sleep. In the end he was discovering new levels he didn't even know that he could achieve, he wasn't going to be left in the dust that much was for sure. He made it back home and cleaned himself up as best he could. As he made his way to his bed, his body would give out for the final time that day and he would land on the floor before passing out, Decimus would be sound asleep.

Topic End

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0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training)   0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Icon_minitime6th July 2016, 8:27 am

Ninja are not naturally able to learn Strength Tiers. Please remove that and change it to something else before I approve this.

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0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training)   0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Icon_minitime6th July 2016, 3:02 pm

It's been fixed, approved.

0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Sf_jur10
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0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Empty
PostSubject: Re: 0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training)   0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training) Icon_minitime

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0-100: The Catch up Begins (Solo Training)
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