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 D rank Mission: Life in Color

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PostSubject: D rank Mission: Life in Color   D rank Mission: Life in Color Icon_minitime3rd July 2016, 11:56 am

Life In Color

Armen went back into the kage house with a completed mission. The assistant would look at the mission and get excited as Armen has been receiving good publicity for once. Finally, the assistant thinks that he could trust Armen with this mission. He wants Armen to help shadow and be an assistant to a famous painter in town today. Armen thought obviously this was a very lame mission. No fighting involved what so ever. He’s actually expected to just be there and hand the guy whatever it is that he wanted. Regardless of his perception of it all he knew once again he had to go and get this mission done. Armen took off at B rank speeds trying to make it to the venue on time. There was just a lot of shinobi traffic today. Soo many shinobi on the roof tops, it started getting a bit crowded.

Finally he arrived and he was about fifteen minutes late. He would look for the Artist who would be staring at a male statue’s penis for a long while. ” hmmm.. its large but its small. Its small, but its large. Perspective young man, much like you being late. Or are you on time for something else?” Armen would break a sweat, ” Ah mean yea im hur fo dis. Im sorreh im late. I had alotta shinobi traffic.” The artist would interrupt, ” It doesn’t matter that you were late! As it seems a second has passed and thus it’s a new scene a new moment, a new life! You see my lacky, what matters is what always matters and it’s the here and the now!” The Artist would pick up a red paint brush and place a red dot on the hole of the statue’s penis. “ Se Parfe? Oui au Non?”, the artist asked Armen and he would reply sincerely, ” Da f&*k is dat mane. Ah man dey got me hur wit a tooth fairy..aaahhhh mannnnneee!” ” shhhh… You will wake up the art with all your negativity, I can see your mind has been closed off from the beauty and the freedom that is Art!” The artist would stare at Armen for a while creating a silence, before breaking it. ” Take off your clothes.” Armen would reply shocked, ” Nah Cuz!! Sumtin wrong wit you”. The Artist would repeat insistently, “ take off your clothes, now!”. Armen would kick the bucket of paint at the Artist. Some how the artist ducks and the paint hits the statue shattering it and causing a scene of red paint and broken pieces. The lights would come up on the audience who witness the whole thing and began to applaude loudly. Armen stood there really confused. ” Now this! This is art ladies and gentlemen ! I present to you real.. Live emotion! Pieces of a shattered culture. I thank you thank you!” Armen was just used for a performance and had no idea. The artist would sign his scroll and send him off. Armen didn’t think twice about it as he took off with another completed mission. Lets Go Armen.

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PostSubject: Re: D rank Mission: Life in Color   D rank Mission: Life in Color Icon_minitime3rd July 2016, 11:57 am


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D rank Mission: Life in Color
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