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 D rank Mission: Take Care of Granny

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PostSubject: D rank Mission: Take Care of Granny   D rank Mission: Take Care of Granny Icon_minitime3rd July 2016, 12:14 am

Take Care of Granny

Armen hadn’t stopped since he started. Missions after missions hoping to earn a few dollars so that he will never go hungry again. The exams are around the corner so the more missions he could push out the more it will benefit his team. Himiko has been away for training on her private beach. Such a mermaid thing to do, own a private beach, but more to the point her training was definitely going to benefit squad six. She is very powerful in terms of potential but with the exams around the corner we all are going to need more than potential we are going to need a powerful team. Armen has been training without ceasing.  He had been creating and mastering seals more powerful than he can imagine. He expects to meet some real monsters in these exams. But right now he has to complete this D rank missions. He absolutely hated D rank missions. He felt like they were such busy work, that Academy students should be doing just so they can drop out and give up on their dreams of becoming a shinobi because they will start believing that being a shinobi is the same as being a maid.

Armen traveled a small distance looking at the ground for any signs of something interesting.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a thing. But he did find the house he was looking for and from the moment he arrived at the door the old lady was already there waiting for him with his hands on his hips. “Listen here boy youre late, now im not going to get to have my hair did. Unless you have some fast way of commuting I might as well right you off as a failure now”. Armen didn’t like being threaten but he knew that this lady could easily right him off as a failure and he would not be able to count this towards his missions. So he did what he had to and in an instant a powerful surge of wind circulated his body. The lady was in shock as Armen appeared crouched down in a flash. ” Aight leggo ladeh. We gotta get ya lookin right for mr right”. She would giggle as she would mounts Armen. Armen would take off in flight at S+ speeds, weaving through the traffic to get her to her hair appointment. Once there he would deactivate his Wind Release Armor and keep her company as she got there hair done. The damn hair do that she wanted to about 4 hours.  They spent most of the four hours practicing proper English and making fun of girls, Armen’s age. This wasn’t actually a bad use of time. Armen would also escort her to the club where he would find out from the comments made by the crowd when she started to dance that she used to be Ms Dance Your Pants Off ten years ago. Her dance moves though, were still as fresh as they could ever be. Once the night was over Armen escorted her to her house and she gave him the mission completion that he was looking for. Good Work Armenezra.



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PostSubject: Re: D rank Mission: Take Care of Granny   D rank Mission: Take Care of Granny Icon_minitime3rd July 2016, 11:51 am


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D rank Mission: Take Care of Granny
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