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 C Rank Mission: Marvin on Tuesday

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PostSubject: C Rank Mission: Marvin on Tuesday   C Rank Mission: Marvin on Tuesday Icon_minitimeTue 28 Jun 2016 - 6:47

This was becoming annoying for a brutha. Heavy rain last time and heavy rain this time. It’s as if Armen was experiencing the exact same night. The only difference he would find was the new moon in the sky. Armen would put his hoodie over his head, attempting to keep his head from getting wet while in search of this thief that was causing havoc on the village.  So Armen would begin by doing his research about this vagabond. He started off just like any wise shinobi would, he started with the baby. Yes, he literally went up to a baby and began to interview said baby. He kept his questions short and to the point. ” Lisen hur ya babeh. Ders sum trouble brewin up in dem streets here. Tell meh whatcha hurd bout dis thief of da night.” He would stare intensely at the baby until finally the baby up and broke the silence. The baby said, “Alrighty finally someone who sees me as more than a short guy being carried around by a lady. “ They both would pause and look for a lady, none was found. The baby continued, ” Well I don’t quite understand you very well, but I believe you’re asking about that Marvin fella. Yea yea marvin right? “ Armen would shrug not even knowing the name of the guy that he’s looking for. ” Ya dat nigga, wen was da last ya caught da nigga breathin round dez parts.” ” well I seen that young fella last Tuesday, walking around these parts…” Baby stops to cough aggressively then puts up his index finger asking for a minute. Armen waits while the baby reaches down to his diaper and pulls out a cigarette and lighter. ” As I was saying, I seen him last Wednesday with his old lady in his arms walking down Caribbean street with a coco bread in his hand… and and he looked at me differently. And Im not sure if its because I was staring up his lady’s skirt or I had that what the f&*k wrong with your face look” The baby would go on before Armen would put his hand up as a gesture for attention. ” Hol up…. wen was da last time ya saw da man?” The baby would continue, ” Got Dammit! I thought I told you. Aren’t you listening, young man?! I said I seen him on Thursday!” The baby now shows his short temperance as he throws down the cigarette to the ground and uses his baby feet to crush it with authority. You got to listen fella! He was out here wine and dining off of everyone’s hard earn money…” Armen would interrupt once more, ” Aight thanks bruh, I thank I culd tak it frum here. You keep ya head up, cuz.” The baby would respond by throwing his fist up to  signify black power, ” Word to your mother!”

Armen would then take off knowing even less about where to begin with than when he started. He would wonder around aimlessly until he finds a tavern. He would look up and read the sign. The name of the name of the tavern read “Last Tuesday”. Armen would raise questions in his head wondering if there was actual truth behind the delusional babies’ testimony.  He would walk in to find all kind of drinks, and entertainment going on there. It seemed to be an adult only bar, so Armen would use transformation before he was caught. He would walk around this strange tavern catching an eye full at every turn. The theme of the night was country, and therefore country music would fill the air.  Finally, after about ten minutes of getting distracted a man would rise onto a table and shout for attention. ” Aye yall listen up!! Yall don’t forget this name .  b!@ches my name is Marvin, and this here is my honey bee, Thursday! When you all see me you best respect me, because im like you guys, I like money, I like music, and I like to be plowing my girl Thursday right on this table.” Everyone would begin to cheer as he attempts to strip down his girl right on top of the table. Aremn would walk up behind him and karate chop his neck. The guy wasn’t much of a threat at all but for some reason when he passed out soo many things would just coming flying out of his pocket. As if this was some video game. Obviously when the valuables fell everyone gathered around like savages attempting to pick up as much as they can. Armen being a man in a struggle didn’t even hesitate to take a good amount of metal and putting it in his pocket. Armen would carry his unconscious body while Thursday got snatched up by a few horny creeps that was waiting around for their chance. Armen was annoyed at the fact that he now had to drag this dude all the way back to a prison so that they can give him a stamp of approval. When he arrived he would drop the guy to the ground and the guards will Id him and take him in for trail. Armen would get his mission stamped and rush his way to the kage office avoiding any more side tracking missions.  The assistant that is usually there seemed to have stepped out and was cause Armen to run late on his objective. He wanted to complete soo many missions in one day that he’d have enough money to feed his entire family for days to come. He would stand there staring at the walls with a completed mission at hands. He’d entertain himself  with the mints and table candy’s on the mans desk. And after still being gone for a few more minutes, he would go in on those damn mints. After forty minutes of waiting finally the assistant from earlier would open the door. He would take his seat behind the desk and Armen could hand him the mission. ” aye bruh give me anotha one!”

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PostSubject: Re: C Rank Mission: Marvin on Tuesday   C Rank Mission: Marvin on Tuesday Icon_minitimeTue 28 Jun 2016 - 8:45


C Rank Mission: Marvin on Tuesday Sf_jur10
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C Rank Mission: Marvin on Tuesday
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