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 Bishop Hokkai

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PostSubject: Bishop Hokkai   Bishop Hokkai Icon_minitime22nd May 2016, 10:40 pm

Personal Info

Name: Bishop Hokkai
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Personality: Bishop is an average Joe who goes around looking for animals. His primary purpose in life is to own and breed every single animal in existence. He grew up in a family of protectors who used animals a lot so he took on this mentality. He learned to use animals to protect humans which he regarded to be the best species on the planet. He doesn’t really care about good or evil, hence his true neutral alignment. Nothing he does really comes close to breaking the laws since he spends almost all his time around animals. Although, if someone tried to take him from his way of life he would probably be violent.

If bishop doesn’t get to be around animals then he starts to go mentally crazy. He would even go as far as to jump off of trains or off of a bridge to swim with fish. A lot of people think he is into bestiality but he isn’t. He tends to not watch animals while they mate anyways. Bishop spends a lot of time making sure the animals he raises are timid and know their place. He isn’t afraid to kill or severely injure an animal to show the rest of them that he was in charge of them. Perhaps he had some innate urge to dominate.

Bishop doesn’t give a shit about fighting. In his opinion, it doesn’t matter who’s fighting as long as humans aren’t getting killed. In fact, he supports the notion of having animals do all the fighting. That way, the breeders like himself would be more valued in today’s society. Bishop gives respect to those who deserve it. Those who deserve it include top breeders and the guy who signs his pay check. They are both the same anyways. 

Appearance: Bishop is a five foot eight inches tall human. He has many distinguishing characteristics that make him stand out in any crowd. For one, he has a brilliant yellow afro that is about twice the size of his head. He spends an hour almost every morning making sure that it is perfectly spherical and that there are no stray hairs. This afro isn’t just yellow, but it has an unnatural glow to it when exposed to sunlight. This is due to the fabulous hair gel that he puts in it at regular intervals. Aside from the yellow afro, Ray also has some sweet black sunglasses that he wears 24/7 even when sleeping.

Bishop is about 180 pounds and has some no signs of being physically fit at all. He wears black skinny jeans every day that rip right off when he does any kind of strenuous activity. This is probably why nobody asks him for favors anymore. His face is pretty small for such a large person. His torso is pretty large and he is definitely top heavy. He only works out his chest because fuck you. He is usually wearing nothing on his chest or an unzipped tattered blue blazer. He’s all about that style.

History: bishop was born a very quiet baby. He didn’t make a single sound or cry or even talk. He still hasn’t talked to this very day. He just likes to tend to his animals. His parents were very proud to have them since they likewise never talked unless they had to. He was an only child so he was cherished more than the prize goat at a goat convention. Whenever he did anything wrong, his parents would give him angry looks which is how he knew he had disappointed them. He started to stop caring and just do his job tending to animals. 

Soon enough, he was enrolled in the soldier academy and failed out of it several times. The whole part where he had to use jutsu to accomplish a goal was just not sticking with him. Truth be told, he only made it on his fifth try because he had good mental and muscle memory and just memorized the answers for all the tests. For practical tests, he just completed them without using chakra. He knew how to use the water walking and tree climbing techniques, but he wanted to distance himself from chakra stuff. 

So why was he in the academy? Well, he needed permission to leave the village in order to hunt down animals. The higher ups knew that his family was obsessed with collecting animals so they required every hokkai to at least become genin so they could take on missions. As of right now, bishop had just graduated the academy and was ready to go find his first animal to call his own. It would be nice to start his own herd and create an unstoppable force of nature that was to be the greatest animal army of all time. 

Samurai Info

Village: West Continent
Rank: Principales
Clan: Hokkai
Pet Alpha: Azure Hypnocatrice

Sword Name: Hypno
Sword Appearance: The weapon is a very unique Chigiriki/Staff hybrid which is actually a long staff ranging 8 feet with a hook on the top though not for combat and very small it allows a chain too be attached allowing for a Chigiriki to be formed. The Staff section likewise posses holes 1 feet each parallel to each other explained in the ability.
Sword Chakra Nature: Nature
Sword Description: The Weapon has poison adaptability and upon coming into contact with poisonous materia it forms a pocket in one of the holes in the staff which will begin forming a unique poison for the user based on the plants etc introduced too the staff. At D-Rank there is one  pocket with one being formed per rank up each holding a D-Rank amount. Likewise the grades the weapon can imbue start at Grade I and go up one for each rank maxing at V. Once a materia is imbued it produces naturally the cool down upon a pocket being harvested is 1 topic for Grade I and going up 1 each grade.
Rank for pocket/Materia imbued/Grade/Effects
(C-Rank) 2.

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PostSubject: Re: Bishop Hokkai   Bishop Hokkai Icon_minitime22nd May 2016, 11:06 pm

Mmmkay Approved, each time you imbue a materia to be stored in the staff as a poison harvestable make sure to register it in the Item & Registration Section. Please include your Clan Starters as replies to this post. Also please include a link to your pet's profile under your bow. Pet's name: (Link to profile).

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Bishop Hokkai
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