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 Calm Before The Storm: Armen's Training

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PostSubject: Calm Before The Storm: Armen's Training   Thu 5 May 2016 - 16:38

It was early in the morning. Armen would wake up at the sound of ruckus happening in his kitchen.  He would put on his clothes and make his way there to find that there was no one. The refrigerator door was still left open, letting him know that someone was there, but besides that there were no signs.  Armen would then pull out some pasta that Ludacrisa made last night and begin to eat away at it. He would look at the time on the oven and notice that it was 5am before the sunrise. Its been a long time since he had to wake up this early. Ever since he became a member of squad 6, him and his team have been training endlessly as a team, support, and solo fighters. His knowledge of techniques has impoved and so has his capabilities. Although today was his day off, he knew that he couldn’t just go back to sleep. Something was making him uneasy, something in his spirit would not let him rest. Maybe it was just restlessness kicking in since he’s been on the move quite a lot. Whatever it was, he was going to take full advantage of it. He would go back to his room and bring out all his gear laying them out on the table. He would play some smoothing music and begin to etch every seal he knows into every single weapon that he owned. The weapons would begin to look nearly tribal from all the markings that they’d contain. After about two hours of doing this, he would digitize them and only grab hold of his boomerang.  He would gear up and head out 7 in the morning towards a small training ground that he had built for himself a few months back.  There he would train with a scroll given to him by his squad sensei, Crystal. He would train there the whole night until the afternoon. Around that time his restlessness wore off and he would make his way back to his home. Upon arriving he would check up on his siblings and upon seeing that they’re ok , he spoke to himself, “Thangs are bouta change fo us, jus hol on”.

WC: 392

Name: Wind Release: Body Replacement Technique
Name: Demonic Illusion: Multiple Phantom Boomerang

Name: Shadow Boomerang Technique

Note: All Weapons Etched

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PostSubject: Re: Calm Before The Storm: Armen's Training   Thu 5 May 2016 - 16:44



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Calm Before The Storm: Armen's Training
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