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 Looking for a Silver Knight(Open)

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PostSubject: Looking for a Silver Knight(Open)   22nd April 2016, 1:21 pm

Niklaus was happy he had done alot of training in the last few days and know all he needed was a higher ranking knight too mentor him so he could finally be labeled a bronze knight, other than that and more training he still needed a immortality technique and he would simply go down the path of a demon. It actually was not a hard choice, it would bring him closer too his relatives in power and looks. Niklaus was walking the main commerce of the village looking for anyone that did not have a mentor and was either a physical spec or one used too fuinjustu and juinjustu.

His one wing had manifested yesterday and followin that his horns and eyes, the most notable was how his skin now reacted too damage showing that strange like, which Niklaus knew was the essence of datara. Waiting he would lean up on a post.


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Looking for a Silver Knight(Open)
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