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 Just Another day(Niklaus/Ka)

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PostSubject: Just Another day(Niklaus/Ka)   20th April 2016, 3:34 pm

Samui was a nice place too live and after coming here Niklaus could not help but feel more at ease his tail whiping at the falling snow behind him as he walked he was in a good mood, he had finally manifested his horns and now he had the full set branding him a demon, wings horns and the tail. Stopping he would look at his forearm before running his hand over his curse mark something that would allow him a new world of techniques involving his wind magic and Acolyte techniques something he could not do before.

Not paying attention too where he was going Niklaus had made it too the training grounds and would simply look it over with a sigh before turning around.


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Just Another day(Niklaus/Ka)
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