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 Wising Up: Just Another Day To Train

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PostSubject: Wising Up: Just Another Day To Train   Wising Up: Just Another Day To Train Icon_minitime3rd March 2016, 7:53 pm

Wising Up

The night was young and Armenezra was growing bored with little to nothing to do. He wandered around dipugakure looking for signs of entertainment, until finally he would give up. there was absolutely nothing fun to do this whole day. Though Armen was highly disappointed , it was very likely that the day would turn out this way, since the entire week has been like this. Every boy and girl in this village around his age are locked in their rooms studying for finals. Armen isnt a fan of taking tests and so instead of studying he is out looking for trouble. At last he decides to change it up and go training in stead. If everyone at school is studying that must mean that they're learning new moves. So it only seemed right to him that he also learned a few new tricks or two. Besides having a head start over some genins his rank is a priviledge that he should take advantage of. Being as its only a matter of time before being assigned to his squad, he wants to make sure that his skills are sharp and well beyond the pack if possible. Who knows what kind of KKG’s he’ll have on his team or even end up going against. Rumor has it that his own brother , Decimus might also join in on all the genin fun so it would make for the worst time to start slacking off. Decimus is crafty and a good close corner fighter, something Armen has found difficult to overcome in the past couple of battles. All the more reason to train on such an uneventful day in dipugakure.

Armen would then travel to his signature training grounds where he had previously built himself an obstacle course.  He would lay out a hand full of scrolls that he wrote and attempt to learn a few things.  First scroll he would pull out had a bunch of notes on it. Those notes were about problems that he would encounter in his street fights and ideas for new techniques. First problem that came to mind was the force in which the weapons would hit the opponents. He wasnt quite sure why but the impact of his weapons didnt do as much as he ever expected. So the only way to correct that is to practice throwing. He would wrap up his scrolls and place them under a tree. Then for the next hour he would simply practice create ways to throw his boomerang, and increasing his throwing speed.  The trainning was real easy thus far. After the hour had passed he would test it, by throwing his boomerang once more, hitting the tree ahead with enough force to break it.  Armen would smile at his accomplishment, knowing that his next street fight wont have that problem.  He would walk back to his scroll and open it. In this scroll were seals which he created. It was strange that how smart he was for a kid that barely attends class. Truth of the matter was, he barely attends class but he is always reading books on new techniques and how they were made. He would do that for moments like this were he has time to create his own intricate techniques. Today he was going off  the seals which he had already created in the passed known as the marker seals, and the seals of immobility.  Todays objective is to upgrade the power of these seals so that he may use them for battle. At his current rank,  using B rank techniques come at a big risk, but he always thought, its better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it. So with that he would begin to create modified versions of his seals.

Once he created the modified versions of his seals at each rank he would go on to testing them. Luckily for him his genius pays off, for they work.  So to go along with that he would pull out his boomerang and his whip and begin etching the marker seals on them. This process took a few hours and it was getting deeper into the night.  By the end of the night he had finished etching them into his weapons.

He spent a couple of days working on the same seals so instead of ending the night he felt inclined to work on some new projects. Besides his strength is far lacking to that of other shinobi, he figured that another four hours of hard work could maybe save his life. He sat there for twenty minute thinking of different technique that he ought to work on. Based on his fighting style and the different elements that comes into play in battle.  Armenezra then dedicated the rest of his time to creating a whole new arsenal for battle. With hard work he had found ways to link chakra to his weapons in order to use combination attacks after his weapons are released.  This he called” Chakra Linkage Technique”, utilizing this technique will give him a sneaky edge over many of his rivals or even higher rank shinobi that aren’t expecting such a thing.  The name though very generic and too the point went through one hell of a process before getting there. He tried calling it, “ The link between me and my lawng Dee” then he tries the link between me and my father that’s missing, followed by the link between me and that ass. All those names until he finally realized that he is most likely going to remain a ninja of the village and could possible get in trouble for such ridiculous names. Its best to play it safe and just go with a generic name, such as chakra linkage technique, straight and to the point. After coming up with such a crafty technique he went on ahead and devised a tracking technique for in rare cases that his opponents decide to burrow underground to escape his attacks.  This is an escape tactic that he has found to hate the most. How exactly does one attack something that they cant see or touch? So Armen’s solution for the problem is to create a technique that utilizes his chakra almost like a vibration detector. This way he could even spot incoming predators or attackers when hunting or in a middle of a fight. This was a simple trick so the technique didn’t require too much of him. The moment that Armen understood the concept of the technique it only took him a couple of tries to get it all down.

Only a few hours has passed and Armen is still hungry to master more techniques. He would take a much needed break to ensure that hell have enough focus and concentration to keep moving forward while resting ,he would then recall a cartoon show that he use to watch. A very generic show with cheesy characters, call tornado man. Tornado man was a dark skinned ninja much like himself who was also raised without a father. One thing he loved about tornado man besides the fact that he just don’t give a care in the world, is that he was able to almost instantaneously summon tornadoes, and he used them like signatures where he would stop enemies of all kind and then slap them silly. Something like that is what Armenezra had in mind. And awesome technique as such is sure to make his peers jealous, especially if they’re somehow familiar with the show. He would practice for hours trying to mold his wind chakra in order to for twister that he can control and send out to attack enemies. Many times he failed until finally he had found some success.  Before he knew it he was conjuring up strong twisters that would suck up debris and cause some damage to the nearby trees.  After successfully mastering the technique at this level the kid in Armenezra would kick in. He would run about the entire forest talking about his almighty power.  He would pretend that the tall trees are main villains and that hed have to get passed the smaller villains that are the smaller trees. A little fun never hurt anybody, especially not a weirdo like Armen. With his final hours Armen decided to protect himself using a seal for genjutsu techniques. Something that he’s been working on for a long time now. But in order to do this he would have to pull out his elementary sealing books, and learn the basics on based techniques and at least level one transfer techniques. This reading took him forever but at the end of it the remaining hours had passed and he had already created the seal on his forehead. The seal would fade to hide itself and armen would call it a day. He would head home where he would most likely find his rest and peace.

Word count: 1513
Set Ups:
Lvl 3 Marker Seal on All weapons(1 etched)
Lvl 3 Immobility Seal on all weapons(1 etched)
Modifcation Sealing Technique: Choas Control Lvl 2

Obtained: Using Training Specialization(perfect)
Immobility Seals lvl 2& 3: 200+400=600/2=300
Modification Seals : Marker Seals lvl 2&3: 200+400=600/2=300
Based  Seals lvl 1&2: 100+200= 300 /2 = 150
Tranfer Formula lvl 1: 200 /2= 100
Law of speed tech: 200/2 = 100
GameSeeker: 100/2 =50
Chakra Linkage Technique: 200/2 = 100
Modification Sealing Technique: Chaos Control lvl 1 = 200/2 = 100
Modification Sealing Technique: Choas Control Lvl2 = 400/2 =200
Futon Twister: 200/2= 100  

Total: 1500

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PostSubject: Re: Wising Up: Just Another Day To Train   Wising Up: Just Another Day To Train Icon_minitime3rd March 2016, 8:05 pm

Approved & Can't Solo train for 13 days.

Wising Up: Just Another Day To Train Sf_jur10
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Wising Up: Just Another Day To Train
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