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 Taiga M Kukinorite (wip)

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PostSubject: Taiga M Kukinorite (wip)   11th February 2016, 2:11 pm

Personal Info

Name:Taiga Mirai Kukinorite
Alias: The Streak, Tiger, Tai, Aloof Tiger
Zodiac Sign:Pieces
Animal Tattoo:Tiger

Personality:Taiga unlike her clansmen who were surivialist of the highest caliber, is very laxed with most situations. Treating everyone with equal respect unless someone treats her unfairly or is down right mean. Being of the kukinorite she is a genius when it comes to A-T's and Functions of roads. Aloof and daydreaming when she has free time she dreams of being able to dash her own path away from war and the humdrum of ninja life but she understands to have her dreams recongized she needs to get stronger. She has no quit in her and will do anything to get her mission done. Seen as a loner she doesnt let alot of people in personally due to her dreams.



Soulless Info


Soul Orb:

Primary Weapon:
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Taiga M Kukinorite (wip)
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