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 Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training)

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Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training) Empty
PostSubject: Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training)   Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training) Icon_minitime8th December 2015, 6:41 pm

Run! : Armenezra Trains His Speed To S Rank

It was morning in dipugakure, and Armenezra is just now waking up from his long rest. His siblings are somewhere at home still asleep but Armen knew he had work to do. Something has been weighing on his mind lately. Out of the four, his means of hunting involves a boomerang and his intelligence. But the boomerang is an unorthodox weapon to use. Although that counts as a positive feature he has also knows that such a weapon requires a certain level of finesse, agility and speed. At his current level managing his boomerang has been good enough for hunting small animals such as birds and pigs. Using the boomerang for combat on the other hand will require a lot more than simply throwing it. Being as his family is going a different route and is in training to hunt bigger game, Armen has to devise a training plan in order to increase his speed to the maximum. Armen equips himself with his whip and boomerang then leaves the house. Once arriving at the scene, he would stretch and analyze his surroundings.

He then pulls out his bommerang and begins to slash away at a large tree. After a few hours the tree would finally fall and Armen found himself exhausted from having gone at the tree without rest.  The tree hits the ground away from Armen causing a loud thud and a small shake. "Dang dawg dat thang almost dun took off ma foot" . That may have been the first and only words Armen spoke that day. He remained busy carving from the tree  and creating an obstacle course for his trainings . This took him the entire morning and by sunset the course  had looked exactly as he wanted. Honestly enough the whole project would've been much faster with the help of his siblings.  It didnt really matter to him because he didnt expect to be building courses anyhow. Now that its done , Armen is tired and ready to head home to bed so for the remainder of his training day he decided to just jog home. What better way to get started on gaining speed than to start running right?  By the time he made it home he was a sweaty and stinky mess. Upon arriving home he ate,  showered,  and went to sleep.

The next morning he rose even earlier than the previous morning and started his day by getting ready and then having a hardy breakfast. A breakfast that he would quickly start to burn off as he would jog his way back to his training sight. Once he got there he would stop to catch his breathe, taking a swig of water that he carried along in a cantine. He would close up the top of the cantine and put it to the side then begin to stretch. When he felt ready, Armen began strapping onto himself a weighted  vest that he created yesterday off of wood and strap the vest onto a strong vine hanging from the very top of the obstacle course. The point was that he would have added weight and resistance while also making a harness for himself if he were to have a misstep and fall by any chance. After properly strapping himself in, Armen takes off in a full sprint towards a rocked wall. This wall stood about ten feet high and towards the left of that wall,perpendicular to the front is a line of bar swings. Armen would go at it as fast as he can and as he came into close range he would run up the wall one foot at a time getting about 3/4s of the way to the top. Once he began to feel his weight coming back down to the ground he would push off with his right  leg. He would then leap to the sides stretching his body out and reaching with his hand in mid  air.   In his first attempt he was successful with grabbing onto the bar, causing his weight to sink down and rock the bar swing back and forth.  He would let himself dangle there for a little while allowing himself to catch his breath but in turn applying alot of tension on his arms. He was shocked that he had made it the first time with the added weight, but then again the vine may have aided a little bit . That didnt make the work any less credible to Armen because he was definitely feeling this pain.  He then would use his core to lift both his legs forward and then pull them back, continuing this motion in order to gain enough momentum in his swinging to eventually leap from that bar to the next. Each time he would move onto a new bar the weight seemed to be getting heavier. This was most likely a sign of fatigue kicking in, but he must continue .  Speed to him was more than just about how fast your legs can run, but rather how fast and how agile you are in general.  He is nearing the end of the bar swings, but he barely has anything left. `Remembah smooth is fast and fast is smooth`, his thoughts are his only motivation as he makes the attempt at another bar but this time his grip on the new bar didnt hold up and he came racing towards the ground.  Before hitting the ground the vine would reach its length and tug up on the weighted vest, causing Armen to be saved from a hard fall. Armen would then adjust himself and make his way to the ground to drink water , rest for a while and then start again.  

When ready he would strap in and take off at the wall much like he did before. This time he went at it with alot more confidence than before. Just as earlier , he would successfully grab hold of a bar swing. Back and forth he would rock his legs once more to get from bar to bar, this time not being any easier than the first.  He would continue on pushing with everthing he's got until finally he completes that portion of the course,but the next was not much easier.  Armen found himself dreading his own design. Wooden panels elevated from the ground about twenty something feet in the air, each side by side two feet infront of the other. Armen remains where he is allowing his energy, and strength to return. It didnt take long for him to feel ready, and when he did he bolted off like a bullet. He jumped and stretched his legs from side to side, giving it his all. He was well on his way but he damned himself when creating this obstacle because the running and jumping kept on and the end wasnt even near until finally his will gave out. He ended up pushing himself shoulder first into a wooden  pannel and once again came diving down.  That day he tried several more times, each time doing worse and worse because of fatigue. Eventually he calls it a day and assests the progress he has made.  His agility has improved alot more than he has expected. That brought in alot of encouragement to his heart knowing that the training regiment which he has devised is far better than he had hoped.  But Armen wasnt contient with not having completed the course. He would pack his things and once he was ready, he would jog home . Once again he would end his day the same, eat, shower,sleep and repeat onto the next day.

The next morning he woke up even earlier and more determined than the previous. He did what he needed to prepare for the day. Once he finished up at his house he would take off to the training grounds. One thing  Armen noticed as he got there is how fast he got there compared to before. He would chuckle as he would pass by a reflection of himself and notice some definition. " Ya boy cut as fuhk", he would say to himself as he continue on by towards the training grounds.  He would place his water cantine down again and once he was ready he would take off and hit the obstacle the same way as he did yesterday. For some reason today the entire first two obstacles were just a breeze giving him enough energy, speed and endurance to complete the side to side running obstacle. After completing the first three course, he would hold off a bit to catch his breath, as fatigue started to catch up to him. The plus side in this is as he starts to feel the new burn, the old soreness that he had to deal with earlier is quickly fading. It took him about two minutes to resume the obstacle and so standing high above ground he would begin. The fourth course was probably the most intricate in structure.  Armen would have to push over a big log held up by hundreds of vines. The log would come swinging in and hit nearby logs with force. Instead of the typical back and forth trainings these heavy logs had a very unpredicable nature. They were coming in from all sides and coming in fast. Like a maniac on a mission, Armen jumped in, using his feet to bounce off of some and dodge the other. He was doing an exceptional job and was begining to look like an elite ranked jounin. That is until one smacks him from the back and send him flying into another. Sadly he becomes more like a ping pong ball at this point. The only luck he found was when his beaten body came falling from the course once more. Armen did not move much, but endured the pain and waited until he was able, to reposition himself and get himself down from the dangling vine.  He spent two hours after releasing himself from the harness , resting and stretching his body so that his muscles doesnt tighten up. He was bleeding and areas on his body was swelling up. It probably wouldve been best to call it a day. As expected of a champion breed like Armen, he refused to give up. He strapped himself in and hit the course one more time, clearing the first and second and barely making it on the third. As a matter of fact he even perceived that he may have cheated the third obstacle just to get back to the fourth.  Once at the fourth he gave it another go, but this time he  would jump in and once it started to pick up speed, he would flick a pebble at one of the logs. As Armen worked on his dodging that pebble would richochette off the other logs and become another, smaller obstacle to dodge. Last time Armen lasted an entire three minutes, this time he lasted one minute and twelve seconds. The pebble eventually got to fast and hit him in the nose, and as he flinched a brutal repeat of last time took place. This time when he came falling down, he came down unconcious, he had failed.  

The next day Armen woke up in bandages laying inside of a tub full of ice.  His brothers mustve found him and his sister mustve nursed him. His body was sore, but he couldnt help but feel aggravated at the thought of laying around and not training. He felt soo close to his ultimate goal and now he is laying here in recovery, thinking about how to overcome the fourth obstacle course. "My gawd, niqqa hurtin dawg. Caint believe brutha got hurt on da third day. Mane of ova did dem trees, niqqa dun even c dat shi comin",  he was speaking to himself when finally an idea hit him. `Hol up, if i caint c dem comin, den i culd probly hear dat shi`, He lifts himself out of the tub and begins to massage himself with a type of medicinal rub. Fast he would get dressed and head over to the training grounds. Once he got there he strapped himself into the harness, and  was pleased to see that the rub was helping him regain some movement, by relaxing his muscles. On top of that even being hurt he had cleared the first three obstacles. He would stop to catch his breath when he got to the second course and wait until his confidence was at a high. Once he felt mentally prepared, he would start the course, as the course picked up speed he would be dodging the logs in mid air and only hopping off the other logs due to the ground being over twenty feet below.  He would release the pebble like last time and bob and weave. Once it started becoming too much to for his eyes to keep up, he would begin to go off of hearing. Everything was going fine until once again he got hit by a log from the side. This time not accepting a defeat as an outcome he would endure some smashing against logs and regain his rythm. Despite the pain he was doing well, and after a new record of ten minutes he voluntarily jumped out of the course allowing himself to dangle before letting himself down. He made it home that night exhausted and worn out. He undergoed alot of teasing from him siblings once he got home but tonight he felt like a champion.

The next day was day five of his training program and today was by far the most dangerous day of them all. He woke up a bit nervous and took more time getting ready than he did the previous days. He wanted to ask someone to come with him, but everyone seemed busy that day and that just made him more terrified of the possibility that something could go wrong. After getting ready and eating his breakfast, he jogged down there much like every morning. Once there he began to stretch and then warm up with his boomerang. He tries getting more comfortable with it and throwing it harder and faster, attempting to catch it in rotation in the right area with a smooth finish. Armen is no stranger to his boomerang but today he felt that he needed the practice. Once he felt set he ran the obstacle course hitting it faster and harder than he has ever done it. Once he got to the fourth course he didnt take a long break, he decided to just get right into it so he doesnt pysc himself out. He was doing fine for a minute but when it started to pick up he was bumped by a log and hit by the pebble in the chest. Fusteration instantly kicked in as he regained his rythm mid air and kick the pebble back inbounce. He focused his mind, `niqqa u got dis cuz u smooth, and smooth is fast and fast is smooth'. Once confident he would kick off some of the logs causing them to go faster as he dodges the peddle. "Max speed" , he would push the course to its maximum, and once the opportunity came he would withdraw and release his boomerang with great force at the pebble. The boomerange would slice the pebble into two pieces with ease, and Armen would dodge the incoming pieces with the same finesse.  The boomerang would then get smacked back and forth by the logs sending it flying around much like the pebble was.  As the boomerang would come at Armen full speed he would dodge it the same. This continued for a record breaking twelve minutes with Armen occassionally grabbing the boomerang and throwing it back with force. Once Armen was satistfied he would dodge the incoming logs, grab the incoming boomerang , sheathe it and free himself from the obstacle course. What a success!  Armen's speed had far exceeded his own rank for what he had displayed was speed at an S rank calibur. He would walk home with his head held high, until he would run into a table in the city and then be reminded of yesterdays injuries.  All in all today was a victory, maybe tomorrow he could work on his strength.

End Topic: 2,742 words

Training Specialist: Perfect (2,000)
Speed Tier: B rank:  D= 100/2  + C= 200 /2 + B= 400/2 = 350 words
Endurance Tier: B rank:  D= 100/2  + C= 200 /2 + B= 400/2 = 350 words

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Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training)   Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training) Icon_minitime9th December 2015, 11:25 am


Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training) Sf_jur10
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Run!: Armenezra trains his speed to S rank(Solo Training)
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