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 Princesses Rank Up

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PostSubject: Re: Princesses Rank Up   9th December 2015, 9:40 pm

Satsuki's eyes widened. Their speed was great and with the size it seemed so much greater. She didn't have time to perform Chidori so she did the only thing she could think of. The only thing that she could even do in this situation. She just hoped it was enough. She released the Chidori through her hand instaneously creating the widespread electric current of Chidori Current. It would be amplified in range by the rushed debris caught in their stream creating a sort of electrical cage allowing the current to extend and bounce around the earthen particles shot up into the air. Hopefully this worked, but she doubted it because of the pure power behind the attack. If she had Chidori to use at full power she could potentially use its penetrating power to slice through, but instead she would have to hope Chidori current was enough. What she didn't know was the power of their attack in full. That it would potentially deflect her attack. If that was the case then she hoped it could at least hop around to the back and cause the paralysis effect to stop their motion. "Bishamonten, hear the prayer of your child. For I may be visiting you soon. Guide my power to strike down the enemy in your name, even at the cost of my own life," she would pray quickly in her final moments. If she did die, she would at least want a double K.O. so as to not dishonor her family, clan or deity.
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PostSubject: Re: Princesses Rank Up   9th December 2015, 10:22 pm

The Cross Counter, the most dangerous of fighting gambits..this one payed out, but like all gambits there is risk attached to it. Such risk being though the paralysis effect did in fact lock up their joints an object in motion tends to stay in motion and as a result Satsuki would end up getting impacted by the beast. The power was greatly reduced sure however though the hokkai and the pet did perish, judging by the smoke cloud and the two bodies skidding on the ground Satsuki would break about a quarter of the bones in her body. She wouldn't get to hear her win mainly because the sheer pain from the injuries would send her into blissful unconsciousness and with a combination of internal bleeding well if she didn't get immediate medical attention she would end up dying in the pits. A Good death a warriors death but it didn't have to be, though considering her clan was in the audience perhaps one of them could save her if only there was a medic around.



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PostSubject: Re: Princesses Rank Up   10th December 2015, 1:43 pm

Two pairs of eyes from within the crowd snapped over and locked onto each other. One pair was deep blue the other a soft purple. With a nod each they leaped down from the stands onto the floor. These girls as they were, were Soulless Medical Ninja and they had been brought a long way from their homeland of Kaosgakure to fight alongside Asura. In fact that same person had set them to watch over Satsuki while she was in the pits and give her medical attention after the rounds were over. If she lost during them then that was fair game but the girl seemed to have won and thus it was time for the Medics to move in. Charging over at Vacuum Release speeds they slid to their knees next to her. The one with blue eyes placed her hands gently on Satsuki's chest and sent a pulse of chakra through her, highlighting the oddities within and nodding. "Dozens of fractures, heavy bleeding external and internal." She said and held out her hand. A blade of soft blue chakra emerged from her hand and she used it to slice the clothing off of Satsuki and to get it out of her wounds to get a proper look at them. Her other hand in the meanwhile activated a couple of jutsu on the girl. The first numbed her pain to allow her to rest easier and prevent her from going into shock while the other started to fix her bones, mending them and repairing them quickly. Thankfully Soulless had a lot of chakra.

The other girl was equipped with Blood Release and she took a deep breath before pushing her chakra into Satsuki's body, activating a much stronger healing mechanism via the blood release to start repairing the girl's wounds, internal and external. The next thing she done once the wounds were healing was to use her chakra to refresh the blood inside Satsuki's body, bringing her back up to full to prevent hypovolaemia and causing her to possibly arrest. Once that was done she sat back after sending another pulse through her, waiting to see if she'd manage to survive.

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PostSubject: Re: Princesses Rank Up   

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Princesses Rank Up
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