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 Training from the Past

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PostSubject: Training from the Past   7th August 2015, 1:50 am


Words Needed: 1700
Words: 1737

Kimiko woke up in a cold sweat as she had some awful nightmare about well... The state of the world. She was noticing how this was a time of firsts. A civilian empire, she wondered how they defended themselves so well. An immortal army... To be honest the fact that all the "immortal" warriors banding together seemed like it would've happened eventually. Than the Dobutsu, everyone thought they all died forgoing the Aquatic Dobutsu, Dipu had always had a neutral relationship with them. Last of all was the remnants of what used to be the old world, the remaining forces of the Shinobi States and the Shogunate. She had to move around, having all these negative thoughts were seriously putting a damper on her whole normal demeanor. She would sneak out of the apartment, hoping to not wake up Rika senpai.

Kimiko had than decided to take the scenic route and jumped up her apartment complex to the roof. She would scope out any interesting spots. The moon was bright as it laid whole, thank god, this night would've suck if it were anything other than a full moon. Either way she could've just walked on the streets below but you know... She's a ninja so fuuuuuu- forget that noise. She jumped from rooftop to rooftop until she found a quaint little home with a small pond in it's back yard. The moon had been reflecting off of it perfectly. She took a spot on this random bystanders extravagant home and just let herself unwind. A nice breeze kicked in too! This was nice...

Soon enough she had a guest... Her own shadow. Anubis formed on the tiles that her own shadow had casted. The two remained quiet for a few moments before Kimiko started to speak. "You know Anubis... The world is a weird place. I'm wondering if your originator had to deal with this nonsense. All these politics... Or having all this potential and having no idea what to do with it... Wait... I know a lot about your originator... Suo Verin! That's who mama said it was. Ya the hero from my story books... Historically credited for bringing a man back to life and making a puppet the size of a mountain. That's really incredible... What do you think Anubis?" The shadowy figure just nodded it's head for a few moments before lifting it's head. "...." She let out a small giggle and nodded back. "You always know what to say to make me feel better!" She gloated before she felt an odd shift in the wind. Anubis threw itself at her as several shurikens were imbedded into the back of his darkness. "Anubis!"

Kimiko quickly got angry as she didn't enjoy watching Anubis get hurt... Anubis was just fine as the shuriken all fell to the floor with a pitter patter. Kimiko noticed the person who had thrown it... It seemed to be an assassin. From the figure it seemed to be of a man. She had left her Blade at home... She thought she wouldn't need it's bulk for a simple midnight stroll, boy how wrong she seemed to be. "I've been trailing you for some time, interesting place you have here, rather romantic if I say so myself..." The masked man said, clearly taunting Kimiko. She knew it was only meant to rile her up but it worked as she looked at the assassin. "Well I've been looking for an excuse to use this..." She mumbled under her breath as she pulled a hand sign and muttered under her breath, "Jade Princess". Anubis had faded away but the assassin didn't want to take any chances. "You think I will just let you prepare anything!? Die! Demonic Chains!" The man yelled as he activated a genjutsu designed to cause Kimiko to envision herself wrapped in chains and being' pulled into a hell scape. "Com...plete..." Kimiko muttered as the last of her conscience was boxed away. Her pupils faded as her movements started to become mechanical... A moment later she started walking toward the assassin which shocked the man greatly. "What!? That's one of my most feared genjutsu!" "Sucks to be that guy... Get him Anubis!" Kimiko's mental version of herself instructed as it laid in a little room watching out of her own eyes as she had let Anubis take total control of her body. This was her new technique, the combination of Kugujutsu and human body. She inadvertently made herself a human puppet without the whole distorting her body into an odd piece of wood. God actual human 'opuppets are just so weird. Turning your entire being into something inorganic... Just strange... Either way Anubis had full control of her and Kimiko was locked safely away. The man yelled out, "Demonscape!" Another genjutsu which Kimiko had inadvertently dodged as her true mind laid safely, Anubis wasn't affected by genjutsu since he had no true mind, just an echo of Kimiko's. Anubis kept moving forward as it pulled out a kunai as it approached the assassin even closer. Whoever had planned on killing Kimiko had planned horribly as Kimiko was now more resourceful in that type of situation. The assassin was panicking as the small child was creeping closer, ready to end them. He knew that he couldn't just sit there in fear of the child so he pulled out a shuriken and threw it. Anibusko parried the tiny weapon and could only smile dryly as the assassin stood up and started to dash away.

Anubisko broke out into a dash as she trailed after the failed assassin, she was playing with the man as she wasn't particularly trying, this was a test run of this new technique, test out how good of a puppeteer Anubis truly was over her own body. The man seemed to be getting away so Anubis had broke apart her necklace and several beads started circling her body and started spinning faster than the eye could even see. Kimiko nodded as this was a Sasori technique, one of the simpler ones but oh well, it was one of her most effective. Two beads shot forward, both being orange in color, the both struck the man in both of his knees, promptly shattering them. "Hmph if he wasn't an assassin I would actually feel bad about that, sadly for him... He just tried to kill me and I'm not feeling well today... Anubis end him..." She muttered in her mindscape, and her faded eyes somehow even grew colder as Anubis planted an empty smirk on the girls face. The man had planted roughly into the tile of some poor house. Anubisko, stilling being circled by the beads, crept closer to the horribly injured man. Once again raising the kunai in her hand over the man, he actually did the unthinkable. He started to plead for his life. What a pathetic assassin... Anubis ended the sad life with the flick of the wrist. She jumped off the roof and left the mess there, she would have to go to her super- wait, that would be the shogun... She went to the hospital that she worked for, surprise surprise she was a medical ninja anyway, and informed them what had happened and she needed someone to retrieve the body.

Not wanting to go home just yet she decided to stay on the grounds and perhaps help around or simply talk with the staff. No luck with the patients as everyone was stable and no new entries for the past half hour. Damn 'perfect' societies, she was distressed and needed things to take her mind off of it. She moseyed up to a nurses station that she was normally put on and sat atop the counter. "May I help yo- oh Kimi-chan, it's you. What're you doing here? Your shift isn't until the afternoon." The current head nurse of the night said to the small girl. "Oh well as you've probably heard, I was attacked earlier, I'm perfectly fine but I don't feel like returning home so here I am. I attempted to help in the other areas of the hospital but it's a quiet night, I wanted to see if Naomi-San was working tonight." Kimiko said with a soft smile while slowly crossing her legs. "Oh she comes in during the morning, sorry Kimi-chan." The women said in earnest as Kimiko swayed her head from side to side. "Don't worry about Kino-dono, I'll probably leave around than anyway. I'll just look for something to do until than." Kimiko said as she jumped down the counter and started exploring the hospital, the Head nurse just waved goodbye to her. The hospital was silent and all that she could be hear was beeping of machinery and soft snoring. She just walked around for a few hours as the sun started to rise. She started heading toward the entrance of the hospital and there she met up with her fellow medical ninja, an older girl by the name of Naomi. "Kimi-chan? What're you doing here? You're supposed to come in later, aren't you?" Kimiko was pretty tired from just staying up all night and was a little sluggish. "Oh I couldn't sleep so came into see if they needed my help here." Not the full truth but a truth. "Well you look like hell, you should probably get some sleep before you come in later." Naomi was always so kind to little Kimi, they always hanged out before her shift and after Naomi's, working together every now and than. "You're right... I've been up way to long... I should be back before you leave... I'll bring some lunch when I come back!" The incoming ninja could only smile precariously in worry, wondering why Kimiko was up all night, though had a job to do so just went into the fray.

Kimiko walked home to her apartment and got in silently, seeing as Rika wasn't awake yet, she just crawled into her bed and fell right to sleep. She left herself uncovered so her shadow took initiative and Anubis formed for just a moment. It grabbed her sheet and covered the poor girl. Her mind may have been heavy but tonight was rather useful, in terms of Anubis at the very least. She needed more practice with the Jade princess but at least she had the basics of it down. Today was another day.

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PostSubject: Re: Training from the Past   7th August 2015, 1:57 am

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Training from the Past
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