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 [Elder Tale: The Unfounded Kingdom - A LH RP] [LB]

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Icyferno of ET

PostSubject: [Elder Tale: The Unfounded Kingdom - A LH RP] [LB]   1st July 2015, 3:25 am

"Adventurer. You possess an ever-increasing power. You possess the ability to change the world. You even possess the ability to defy death. But what about us, the People of the Land that can do little other than marvel at your arrival? Will you take our hand in support or will you banish us to a destined extinction?"

ELDER TALE was the typical world phenomenon. It was the first MMORPG to last two decades and still be going strong, fueled by the love of its dedicated players. It was a typical sword, board and spell MMO, one that had a Japanese flair due to it being its origin country. When the Novasphere Pioneers expansion came out, the British were promised their own server at last. Characters would have to start out fresh on this bold, new server, but finally the United Kingdom would get the server it had been awaiting- its own little piece of the Half-Gaia Project.

Then the Catastrophe happened.


-LB by Icyferno of ET-
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Icyferno of ET

PostSubject: Re: [Elder Tale: The Unfounded Kingdom - A LH RP] [LB]   1st July 2015, 3:27 am

My apologies, it seems that the code I used did not insert the link correctly.

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[Elder Tale: The Unfounded Kingdom - A LH RP] [LB]
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