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 Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)

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PostSubject: Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)   27th June 2015, 11:24 pm

C-rank = Lightning Release: wave of inspiration
D-rank = Earth Release: Lodestone Effect
C-rank = Circuit Fist - Iron Sand Control: Bullet Release
C-rank = Pulse Release – Iron Sand: Clone
B-rank = Lightning Release: Pull- Third Rail
C-rank = Pulse Release - Iron Sand: Binding Coffin
B-rank = Earth Release: Earth Spear
C-rank = Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation + Lodestone Effect
B-rank = Circuit First - Iron Sand Control: Crashing Ground

Nyen stood high above the streets below watching as a group of children a few years younger than her played in one of the smaller town squares. She thought of all the times she had done the same with her siblings, playing hide and seek or tag. When she had played however, her older siblings had never played fair and would use the jutsus they had learned as an advantage, hiding underground and using double suicide decapitation to stop her from running away. She had always found it unfair but now that she knew a few moves herself, she could see why her siblings had done it. it was fun to show how much she was capable of and took pride in the admiration the children in her home town had towards her. She felt far away from home, looking up at the dark blue that surrounded her, almost imitating the night sky in colour but lacking stars. Nyen stood a bit longer realizing that many of the children below had never seen normal weather let alone stars. Rain would be a mistery to these children, and they would probably have a heart attack if they ever encountered it on the surface since n the domes, if it's raining that means the glass is breaking. Rain had been Nyens favourite kind of weather. She felt it could wash away anything and the night she had had left her mother for good, not looking back asto keep herself from crying, the rain had come and washed away her tears. These children would never know that feeling. But - Nyen thought to herself - I guess that's a good thing. She had been standing on the roof for quite sometime now and some of the children had taken notice. They stood in a small group across the square from her, pointing and glancing at her with wary eyes. She smiled at the group of children deciding to give them a show and practice her lightning release as well. Using her Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration, she clapped her hands together in front of her beginning the charge between the paw prints on her palms. as she pulled her hands apart, small sparks of lightning lit up the roof around her and the small bewildered faces of the children below. pulling her arms completely apart and turning her palms upward, the lightning she generated bounced back and forth between her palms, sending brilliant light all around her. She stopped suddenly when she heard an adult voice yell out "HEY, some people are trying to sleep here!" Nyen gave one final wink to the children below who were all giggling at this point, before quickly turning on her heel. and jumping to another rooftop. She continued jumping from one building to another, not really sure what she was looking for. Nyen liked to be on her own sometimes just to contemplate life and take in her surrounding, but tonight as she almost flew over the rooftops, using her iron sand to form stepping stones between building she could not reach, Nyen noticed movement in the dark alley below. She crouched down behind theedge of the building she stood on, listening. It was never good to see movement in an alley  At this time of night. The children she had entertained had already gone home and were probably fast asleep by now. As she listened she heard a gruff deep voice say "Give me all the xel you have. NOW." Leaning over the edge, Nyen could see a very tall, skinny man. he had a lanky figure probably making him a teenager. A woman stood, cornered in the alley by his long arms, flailing in her purse as she tried to gather her xels.

Nyen had never thought of herself as a vigilante type but as she watced the woman pull out the very measly amount of xels she had, Nyen knew she was in trouble. "What do you mean that's all you have!?" the teen spat as he began to pull a knife out of his pocket. As he steped back, pulling the knife out of his pocket, brandishing it at the woman and obviously thinking the woman had more in her purse that she was not willing to give, Nyen knew this was when she had to react. Nyen quickly devised a plan, using her Earth Release: Lodestone Effect. She whispered to herself the knife will be attracted to my iron sand as it is made of a ferrous metal. i just have to be careful. She had to be careful not to accidentally hurt the poor woman, who had now given up, knowing she was trapped. She looked so small crouched in the corner, terrified in comparison to the tall lanky boy. He stood a few feet in front of her and growled "That's not enough girly. You have to pay the toll to pass. in xel....or in blood." As the words slipped through his sneer, Nyen's iron sand flew from her gourd, creating a clone of the herself to the right of the boy using both her lodestone effect and her Pulse Release-Iron Sand: Clone. Nyen concentrated her gaze on the clone to the point where she could use Circuit Fist - Iron Sand Control: Bullet Release and made her clone raise its hand, successfully magnetically pulling the knife out of the muggers hand. As the he turned to face her clone, Nyen dissolved the clone back into flowing iron sand making it disappear since she did not want to give away her identity.  The boy stood confused since Nyen had pulled his knife down with her iron sand, making it seem that his knife had disappeared. Terrified, the boys eyes darted from one area to another, scanning the area. Nyen was about to dart her head back from the rooftop when she saw the woman stand up and strike him in the head. The boy fell to the ground as she had perfectly hit the side of his head causing him to pass out. Nyen giggled to herself seeing the woman straighten her coat, pick up her bag and collect its contents, giving the mugger a quick kick in the side for good luck before calmly walking out of the alley. When the coast was clear Nyen dropped down the from rooftop, checking the muggers head. Seeing that the bruise showed he would just wake up with a headache in a few hours, Nyen decided to wait. She didn't want to just take down one scumbag from the city and she knew that if she just left him he would go out again tomorrow and do the same thing to another innocent person. There were so many muggers in the city and they all seemed to hang out in groups as to scan an area of the town in one group, collectively pooling whatever was found and splitting it off evenly between them. Nyen climbed back up onto the rooftops using to Iron sand to make foot holds up the wall of the building, flowing from her gourd around her. When she reached the top she sat facing the alley, watching the boy and waiting for him to wake up.

When the boy woke up, he reached for his head and groaned, making Nyen have to hold back a giggle. The boy then turned, still a bit wary of his surrounding, and walked down the alley. Nyen followed behind keeping up by using her Lightning Release: Pull- Third Rail and as the rail could not be seen by human eyes, the boy didn't see as nyen followed him from rooftop to rooftop. She would pause every once in a while to both replenish her chakra and to make sure she had not lost the muffer. She didn't use her Rail on the ground as to keep the citizens from running into it and causing some serious damage. As she followed him, she realised she was getting closer to the centre of the dome. As she realised this, the boy stopped, slowly surveying the crowd around him for a moment where he woudn't be seen and slipped into an alley. Luckily he had still not noticed Nyens pressence. Nyen followed the boy to a back alley where the building were tall and windowless. In the intersection of two alleys the muggers had built a small hut, it's walls being the walls of the surrounding buildings. A whole on the roof of the makeshift room allowed Nyen to see a few of the people who were inside. A group of men varying in age could be seen through the whole inside the building, seated around a table. She softly landed on the roof of the building keeping a fair distance form the whole so she wouldn't be seen. As she knelt on the rooftop she listened carefully to one particularly scruffy older voice roll off numbers, obviously counting the spoils. when the meeting was over and all but the scruffy older man was left Nyen peeked her head over the whole in the ceiling, allowing her iron sand to flow into the building and with bullet release speeds, formed a coffin around the man,who had been searching for a drink from an obviously stolen cooler. He became trapped in the iron sand that flowed around him and as he began to try and force his way out, Nyen dropped down and began to speak.

"So i personally would love it if you would cooperate with me. see I need you to tell me where your little cronies are going. I won't let you rob the city blind. people are trying to make an honest living and they need their xels to support families. You must feel so ashamed stealing from these poor people. I'm going to let go and you're going to tell me where all your little worders went okay? And then i won't kill you!"  Nyen gave a small smile slowly allowing the coffin to disintegrate back into iron sand. As soon as his arms were free, the man tried to pull his gun out but it was still stuck due to Nyens lodestone effect in her iron sand. Nyen did not notice his initial struggle though and as the coffin finally fully disintegrated, he pulled the gun on her. Thankfully Nyen could react fast and used her Earth Release: Earth Spear, turning her skin darker. The bullet bounced off her shoulder only causing some minor pain and probably a bruise later. The man used this opportunity to try and run, making Nyen have to react quickly. Nyen let her skin fade back to its normal colour before tunneling underground and using her double suicide decapitation along with her new found lodestone effect, resulting in the man being buried in dirt up to his neck, unable to move due to the metalic buckle and knife attached to his belt. "Make me!" the man exclaimed, obviously not comprehending just how strong Nyen was and what she was capable of. She formed shuriken with her Pulse Release - Iron Sand: Square Shuriken allowing them to float dauntingly behind her shoulder pointing in the mans direction. Seeing the amount of shuriken Nyen had materialized, the mans eyes grew wide. "Now are you sure about that? because if i'm not mistaken, you are now stuck. Either you tell me and i let you go, or you get to keep your silly pride and die. painfully." He was quickly eager to tell her about each mugger and they're favourite spots to work. Nyen stood watching as this man who was so much bigger than her cowered at her feet, his eyes pleading for survival as his mouth spewed all it's secrets. Nyen payed close attention to all his words, finding out that he was actually the leader of this particular mugger group. When he was finally finished the man stuttered for forgiveness. Nyen was just about to let him go when she realised yet again that if she let him go he would go back to his old ways, stealing from the citizens, killing mothers and fathers, robbing children infusing them with fear. No more she thought, seeing the faces of all the children she had entertained in the square flash before her. If even one of them ever got mugged or killed, she would never forgive herself. Nyen began taking small steps back, the iron sand shurikens keeping their position. as she took one more step pacing her behind al the shuriken, facing the man now feverishly trying to escape. "You won't hurt anyone anymore." she said calmly to the man as the shuriken flew forward at bullet release speeds, piercing the mans skull. As Nyen took the final steps out of the hut, she quickly ducked underground completely pull the mans body underground.this way itwould be ages to find the body and since her iron sand had now returned to her goured, no one would everknow it was her specifically who had killed him. She turned her face to the blue night sky of dipu, Nyen again used her Lightning Release: Pull- Third Rail to pull herself to the rooves of the surrounding buildings and set off on her quest.

2100 words needed
2218 words

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PostSubject: Re: Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)   28th June 2015, 8:55 pm

Approved, no Solo training for 9 Days.


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PostSubject: Re: Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)   24th April 2016, 10:23 pm

C-rank = Lightning Release: Kai
C-rank = Lightning Release: Charged Staff
C-rank = Earth Release: Lodestone Armor
C-rank = Earth Release: Added Weight Rock Technique
C-rank = Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique
C-rank = Earth Vibration: Tectonic Sensing
C-rank = Pulse Release: Body Replacement Technique
C-rank = Pulse Release – Iron Sand: Wall
C-rank = Stone Style Shurikenjutsu

Nyen softly landed on the top of the local bakery, the smell of freshly baked good drifting up through the crisp morning air. she had eaten a fairly decent sized meal so she wasn't hungry per say, but the smell was a comfort. She had been a bit shaken killing someone on such a quick judgement call but Nyen was sure she had made the right call. As she stood she gave herself a good stretch before leaping to building across the street so she could get a better view of the bakery storefront. Not only was this one of the better known bakeries in town, it was also the first place the leader had mentioned being a target sight for his cronies. They would follow someone who had their hands full of baked goods until they were in a more secluded spot like an alleyway and not only take their bread to feed the rest of the group but their xels as well. The leader had said this operation had been in place for months and the stolen buns and rolls had been their main source of food. How many people have they taken from!? Nyen thought to herself, waiting and watching the bustling street below for a certain type of citizen. Almost immediately she saw a mother with a handful of bags and a child in a sling on her back. a perfect victim. She'd be too worried about the child to care about her baked goods and xel. Nyen just from one roof to another, keeping a vigilant eye on her surroundings, watching for anyone suspicious. About five blocks later she noticed a group of hooded men of varying sizes slowly catching up tot eh lady. They were about ten meters behind her when she turned into an alleyway. Nyen jumped over and down into the alleyway as quickly as she could.
"Ma'm, i'm sorry to interrupt but please remain calm" she would explain, quickly telling her about the hooded men she had spotted. The woman seemed scared but not surprised. She must have heard the rumors going around about the mugging group, Nyen thought as the first of the muggers rounded the corner. She turned and placed herself in between the mother and the hooded men, waiting for the perfect moment. as soon as they were close enough she jumped using her hands to vault over the muggers, distracting them and placing her paw print on every one of them starting the charge that would be useful later on. As she landed behind the last man she turned holding her hand out at arms length, using the sapping push technique to push an orange paw-print through the men and allowing sending the stamina into the mothers body. Whoa what? That hasn't happened before! she thought before realizing what she had done "MA'M YOU HAVE TO RUN NOW AND RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN" The mother turned and charged off with new found strength to run with a child and groceries in hand. once the mother was gone, Nyen would bring up an iron sand wall at both ends of the alleyway and used the charge she had begun on the men earlier. as she moved her hands in circling motions, the hooded figures flew through the air crashing into the walls of the alleyway around them. Nyen thought of what could be possible if they had been in an open training ground instead of a cramped alleyway. she thought to herself that she could probably throw them a good 20 feet or so instead of the measly ten feet she was working with. By the time she had let them go the muggers had made a pile in the middle of the alleyway and as they tried to stand, pulling themselves out from under each other Nyen used her numbing push on her arm to propel it forward at great speed. she aimed low and barely touched the ground as she knocked her opponents back onto her iron sand wall, their legs now numb and unable to move. That was when Nyen felt something. something from deep within the earth. something big was coming her way, she could tell from sensing the shift of the tectonic plates deep below her. A massive shadow cast itself down the alley way. Nyen turned to see A Tall hooded man walking towards her slowly, almost shuffling like a scared child.
"Leave them be. i promise they will not bother you anymore." The man said in a slightly scared voice. Nyen scoffed at the idea, Why would she let them free to continue their life of crime? How dare he think she would be so selfish as to let so many more people suffer just for her safety? "They follow me and i will forbid them from harming you or your family. just let them go." Her....Her family? Nyen had no family! all of her family had killed each other like mad dogs in the pits including her and her mother. Her cheeks turned flaming red and eyes turned silver, filled with tears. Using her Push: Open palm she propelled herself forward launching legs forward and straight into the mans gut sending him back into another sand wall she had erected at the end of the alley. now it was closed off to everyone. so one would see what would come next. the man struggled to stand, his lanky figure swaying as he straightened up. then at a moment, her body felt something behind her. one of the hooded men had dragged himself across to her and tried to plunge a kunai into her back. at that moment the skin around the wounds began to disintegrate, a pool of sand beginning to form where she had been. Nyen emerged from the ground behind him unharmed, having used her body replacement technique at the last second to save herself. a a final blow she threw both legs forward into the hooded man and the larger more burly hooded man. both crumpled under the pressure of her kick against them and landed with a thud against Nyen's sand wall. Without a second thought she pulled all the bodies underneath the ground as she had with the last victim, collecting her sand and jumping to the rooftops. Nyen was panting and sweaty from the ordeal and a bit shaken once again. NO she though, allowing herself to sit, This is what has to be done. I must purge this city of it's evil. I'll...I'll be a Hero! Right?
She wondered if the woman thought of her as a hero. If she had seen what Nyen had done in its entirety maybe not, but the sand walls had come up before she had done any real damage. She turned her face to the sky, something she usually did when she was beginning to be unsure of herself, her silver eyes gazing upward into the heavens where she hoped her family were looking down on her. cheering her on maybe. once her iron sand walls had dissolved and recollected into her gourde, she jumped back down into the city crowd and turned towards the bakery wondering just how good their food must be for people to harm other people just to get some and also wanting to distract herself from the slight pang of guilt. Once inside she ordered a small cup of strawberry trifle and sat amungst a the busy citizens contemplating what had just occurred. that one crony had almost been able to get the jump on her and she would have to react faster against stronger and quicker opponents. She knew she could move her ghostly palm prints faster. as practice she lightly brushed one of the fruits in a passerby's basket and held a coin in the other can. the switch was almost impossible to see and as the busy shopper turned the corner, unaware of her actions, Nyen bit down on a juicy apple. Now that's what i call good breakfast! she thought, licking the sweet juice from her lips.
The Bakery operation had been the first the leader had mentioned as well as the easiest in her opinion. Where would she go next?
Nyen decided to wait to answer that question for another time. As she sat she decided to do what she often would in public. As citizens passed her, she would quickly take a glance at their faces, imagining their life. Where do they live? Where were they coming from? Why were they so sad or why were they smiling? Nyen took comfort in the fact that every person she came across had a story, a life, a family and struggles like she did. Her thoughts quickly flashed to the thought of the bodies she had left behind in the ground of that alley way. Nyen shook her head, hoping that the physical motion would someone rid her of those thoughts. As she threw the apple core and her empty cup of trifle to the garbage, she turned and walked down the street glancing into peoples faces. A hard working father going home to his loving wife and son. A young girl coming from a first date with her childhood crush. A child going to.....wait. that kid. Nyen kept her eyes glued to  the boy as he walked past her, recognizing it as the crying boy who had been so close to the muggers camp, his eyes a twinge of red and glazed with tears. before she could react he was gone again, lost in the swamp on busy passerby's. Nyen stood dumbfounded for a moment before shrugging it off as a coincidence and turning back the way she has been travelling. Just a coincidence.

((Using reward from OOC Event for quartered bulk solo training words))
Jutsu's Learned:

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PostSubject: Re: Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)   24th April 2016, 10:56 pm


~A message to all~

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PostSubject: Re: Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)   18th June 2016, 2:43 am

Kinjutsu specialization rank Perfect
words needed :1000

Nyen awoke from her restless sleep with a large crash outside her window. In a whirlwind she pulled off the covers and ran to the window to see what had happened only to find a cart had rolled down the hill and crashed into a stall of pottery and now the two merchants were arguing on who would be paying the damages. "Idiots. What a great start to the morning" Nyen scoffed sarcastically. she hadn't been in the best of moods since she had returned from her fight with Orion and the death of her team mate R'tari. Her eyes still ached and her head throbbed from sobbing herself to sleep the past few nights over the loss of her team mate and she hadn't left her room very much. other than to purchase the necessities and run home again. Nyen looked across the room to herself in the mirror, large bags hung purple under her eyes, her face framed by her knotted hair and her clothes splotched with stains which she had not changed since when she had first come home. Look what you've become you failure. R'tari died for this pile of shit? she frowned in disgust at herself and hurled the closest object she could grab at the mirror not wanting to see herself in such a miserable state but the small pen would just bounce off and fall tot he floor. R'tari would never have waanted this and she knew that but she felt as if she was too far gone. She had made the decision to wallow in her self pity and she was sticking to it until she faded out of existence. leaning against the wall Nyen felt her tears returning to her cheeks and slowly sunk down until she was sitting, her arms crossed over her knees and sobbing all over again. she raised her face to the window looking outside wondering how much time she'd spent crying all together and how much it would take for her to finally feel like she'd payed R'tari enough respect by doing so. Probably never she figured. As she lowered her chin once more she spotted her gourd from across the room. As she looked at it another wave of grief and loss came over her but it didn't feel like her own. This felt like an even worse grief, and even deeper sense of loss. Nyen gasped in shock once she remembered why this strange feeling was coming over her, for she had completely forgotten the event that had transpired just as R'tari had died, had completely forgotten Itami being turned into sand form and flowing into Nyens gourd and bonding with her in it's owners final moments. Nyen crawled over to it quickly and gathered it in her arms, hugging the container containing the last thing connecting her to R'tari. "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry itami. I promise to never neglect you like that again. Ever" Nyen sobbed to the gourd, knowing she could not understand it's response but she felt a sort of warmth radiate from the gourd, forgiving her in a way. Nyen wiped her eyes once more and stood shaking off the black shroud that had followed her since her arrival back in Dipu grabbing her brush and fighting with the giant matts in her hair. Once it had been tamed she changed into some fresh clothes and was already beginning to feel lighter. As she lifted her arms Nyen could smell her stench as she put on a new white flowing shirt and picked up Itami as she left her small room that had been her comfort zone since her return. "Come on friendo, we're going to show him it was worth it." she spoke aloud to itami, giving a half smile and rushing down the stairs, turning down the street to the bath houses. She promised herself then and there that she had cried enough for R'tari and if anything he would want her to continue, to be stronger. She remembered his last words and took them to heart. No more hiding.

As she walked Nyen was so consumed in redemption she almost didn't notice the large clay pot that had been tipped over from one of the balconies above and before she knew it nyen felt a rush of air above her. Looking up in curiosity Nyens eyes grew wide seeing what hung above her. a hand made of granules of itami sand hovered above her head holding the pot that almost could have caused her a concussion. The hand was attached to a sand version of R'tari, like a statue in his honor blossoming from her gourd. Some citizens looked on in horror at the strange sight but Nyens eyes were transfixed as she realized the sand it was comprised of was Itami in granule form. Nyen quickly rushed down and alley, retrieving the gourd from her back as itami dropped the small clay pot and retreated back into the container. "So you miss him too huh?" she would almost laugh, holding her head in her hand, rubbing her temples. It had been a bit of a shock but she soon regained her calm and continued walking, not sure exactly what to do about what she had seen. She now knew Itami would protect her, which she had anticipated when R'tari had given the chakra orb to her, but she hadn't known exactly how. Of course this would have repercussions but her decision again was resolute and calmy placed the gourd on her back once again. This would be her little secret. Her saving grace, just as R'tari had been. finally making it to the bath houses Nyen kept a close eye on her gourd. The contents were more precious than her life now and would be the only thing to save it as well if she were to be in trouble. As Nyen sank into the warm waters and felt her muscles loosen she gave out a sigh of relief and of rejuvination. Nyen was a new person, now realising just how silly she had been for locking herself up for so long. Don't worry R'tari. i haven't given up quite yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)   18th June 2016, 9:24 am


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PostSubject: Re: Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)   

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Not While I'm Around You Won't (Nyen Solo Training)
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