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 Sera Pentaghast WIP

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PostSubject: Sera Pentaghast WIP   Sera Pentaghast WIP Icon_minitime5th April 2015, 11:04 pm

Personal Info

Name: Sera Pentaghast
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 82Ibs
Zodiac Sign: Gemini




Samurai Info

Village: Samuigakure Missing
Rank: D
Clan: N/A

Sword Name: Katoptris
Sword Appearance:
Sword Chakra Nature: Ice
Sword Description: Nirvana allows its wielder to view the location of Bijuu and Jinchuuriki whenever one looks into the depths of the blade. However, depending on the Bijuu/Jinchuuriki that is witnessed determines how long the blades foresight ability goes on cooldown. Additionally one cannot choose which to see, as it happens randomly (Success Chance Dice Roll). However, unless the Samurai is strong enough then they will be unable to view the location of some. So if they roll a number corresponding with a Bijuu/Jinch above their capable rank nothing will appear. Additionally, due to the useful and powerful nature of this blade only those capable of utilizing the Samurai blades can utilize this ability.
Rank - Jinchuuriki/Bijuu Found - Jinchuuriki(Bijuu) Cooldown (Topics) - Success Chance Dice Roll
D - Ichibi - 1(2) - 1
D - Nibi - 2(3) - 2
C - Sanbi - 3(4) - 3
C - Yonbi - 4(5) - 4
B - Gobi - 5(6) - 5
B - Rokubi - 6(7) - 6
A - Nanabi - 7(8) - 7
A - Hachibi - 8(9) - 8
S - Kyuubi - 9(10) - 9
S - Jyuubi - 10(20) - 10
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Sera Pentaghast WIP
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