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 Genin Get Together

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PostSubject: Genin Get Together   8th March 2015, 1:05 am

Shiro had been a Genin for a short time now and regretted not knowing some of his fellow Genin. So he had decided to a little get together with permission from some of the higher ups. Using some funded money he threw together a beach party for the Genin. Some supervising Shinobi had set up tables and grills for a cookout while othershad helped gather some of the supplies. There were beach towels strown across the beach sand, hidden under umbrellas protecting them from the harsh midday sun. Shiro had heard about some of the quirks of the other Genin and so he had made sure to get permission for a special allowance of alcohol for one of the members and the elder ones. The alcohol distribution would of course be limitef and supervised by one of the T.Jonin. Beach supplies like floats and such were near the surf along with some surf boards and some earth stylists even set up a miniature roller rink and path way for one of the Kukinorites. Palm trees were erected by some Dokusei and some water release users had created waves for a perfect surf. Things looked good. Now Shiro just had to wait for people to show up. With some lemonade in hand he sat on a towel and looked to the land for any ofte approaching genin. He even had some music playing, i think currently it was Kryptonite by Papa Roach. (Magic Music shush dont argue)
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PostSubject: Re: Genin Get Together   11th March 2015, 5:14 am

R'tari seemed like the first to arrive even though he didn't want to show up without his girlfriend but unfortunately it was a party for genin so she wasn't invited and he didn't think it would be polite to just show up with a plus one who wasn't a genin. So here he was, noticing another person Shiro was it, he had met him before at least prior to his hospitalization and the dissolution of Team 8. He was hosting the event which he considered weird but perhaps he just wanted to get to know all of the genin. For the event R'tari had worn his usual outfit just with flip flops instead of his usual shoes but he was still dressed in all black and things like that, he had no intention of going into the water or playing in the sand that just wasn't him m.o. Still he had brought a book with him which he planned on reading and found a nice chair under an umbrella so the sun wouldn't get into his eyes. He'd manage a wave to Shiroichi before going back to his book he'd speak when there were more people around till then he had some reading to catch up on.


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Genin Get Together
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