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 Jutsu Information

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PostSubject: Jutsu Information   2nd March 2013, 8:53 pm

Jutsu Information

In order to fight on the forum one must utilize a type of jutsu which may or may not consume chakra, blood price, require a seal, life-force, sacrifices etc. Because Jutsu plays such an important role on the site the subject matter below will inform you on what you need to know to have a successful role-playing experience on NB.

Concerning all types of Jutsu

1. Jutsu from the Manga, Anime & Movies are allowed as long as you convert them to the sites template and post them in Jutsu Registration. These can be found on the Naruto Wikia if you are unsure where to look for them. In addition custom jutsu creation is welcome as long as you likewise post them in Jutsu Registration for approval.

2. This is a non-canon site and takes plays Seven Hundred years after the events of the canon timeline. That being said this is also AU and the events that marked the end of the canon timeline differ on this site.

Because of this Canon clans are all but extinct on the forum instead multiple new clans have been made some which share subtle traits with the canon clans others which don't at all. Because of that Canon Clan techniques are typically not allowed unless they have been reincarnated in one of the clans on the site.

In addition the following Jutsu are not allowed on the forum no matter what (Mainly because they are pretty specific so...)
- Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals
- Blocking Technique Absorption Seal
- Crystal Barrier Technique
- Beast Sealing Method
- Mystic Safety Bell Seal: Release
- Shrine Seal
- Shrine Seal: Release
- Dragon Life Reincarnation
- Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique

Limited Jutsu

Some techniques on this site are limited whether to regions, within battle, groups etc:

- Flying Thunder God (Without 6th Dimension Sealing Mastery)
- Yin Release (Without Sahasrara Bake)
- Yang Release (Without Manipura Bake)
- Yin-Yang Release (Without Ajna Bake)

Body replacement

Clone Techniques

Curse Seals & Curse Marks
The Difference
Curse Seals are Juinjutsu and deal with restricting targets or inflicting effects upon them, Curse Marks deal with naturally converting natural energy from the environment into power by means of the mark thus resulting in a transformation of the body as the energy gained from the conversion is bound to the individual on a cellular level.

Cursed Impure Resurrection Technique
The Cursed Impure Resurrection Technique is exclusively for Earth Release using Medical Nin.

Eight Gates


The Elements Rasengan is able to be combined with are are follows:


The Elements Chidori is able to be combined with are are follows:


The Elements Empty is able to be combined with are are follows:

Concerning Genjutsu

There are 5 principle mediums of utilizing genjutsu each one of these are linked to a specific sense and have their own cues and advantages.

There are alternate ways of initiating genjutsu which consist of:

Dealing with Genjutsu

Concerning Kugujutsu

Concerning Taijutsu

Classifications of Jutsu
There are Six Main types of Techniques on this forum and they each reflect a different type of damage towards a character not to mention they all are interconnected in the way they match up against each other.

In terms of strength Spiritual Based Techniques and Natural Based Techniques tie for the strongest. They are then followed by a three way tie between Chakra Based Techniques, Physical Based Techniques and Mental Based Techniques. The weakest type is Hybrid.

Chakra Based Techniques

Mental Based Techniques

Physical Based Techniques

Hybrid Based Techniques

Spiritual Based Techniques

Natural Based Techniques

Concerning Combination Arts

Combination Arts follow this key:

Jutsu Recoil

Damage Type Breakdown:


Jax...Don't make me punch you in the face:

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Jutsu Information
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