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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 The Pits of Tartaros

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PostSubject: The Pits of Tartaros   4th January 2015, 12:10 am


1. Open to any who wish to enter however Only Shogunate Characters are able to leave before 7 wins have been completed or their death. If they do so however they are shamed and no longer able to progress in rank. However only Shogunate Characters re required to fight in each weight class starting from the bottom while other individuals can join any weight class they want but will start from the first set, having to unlock the others to start from them.
2. The Fights are typically to the death or in the case of immortals complete and utter incapacitation. However one can choose to knock an opponent out or spare their life at the risk of being attacked later on as all opponents and participants are not able to leave until all sets are complete.
3. One can choose 3 types before every fight, Easy, Standard or Hard. This results in more Xel being gained after each fight and it can be said all at once or in groups of 7 to predetermine fights.
4. Each weight has 3 sets which must be completed before moving to the next level. Rift-Weight has 7 Sets however.
5. Once A Weight Level has been completed one is able to particiapte in Pair or Team (3) matches for Harder opponents. However Legendary is the only one which can be initiated from the start as Pair or Team (3).
6. Each completed set will earn a Jutsu Rewards equal to the rank of sets characters defeated each.
7. Each completed weight level will earn the competitor an Xel reward equal to the figured below per fight.
9. For every weight class (All 3 Sets) done without leaving the Pits and continuing on to another weight class the Xel & Technique Rewards receive a bonus multiplier (1 = 2x, 2 = 3x, 3 = 4x, 4 = 5x, 5 = 6x, 6x = 7x). This caps at Legendary as since they can be started without first completing the others they do not count.
10. Try not to die because it's all IC ^.^

There are 6 Entrances into Tartaros all of which warp the individual to the Pits upon stepping in and warp them out to the same location they entered from when their challenge is done.
1. Tartaros (Shogunate)
2. Gakusha (Epsilon)
3. Pharaoh's Pyramid (ASN)
4. Ruins of Forsaken (Bachiatari)
5. Minarai Castle (Pandora)
6. Black Dome (Madness)

Rank Reference:
Featherweight (Open from the Start)
1st Set - Novice, Dropout Novice, D-rank
2nd Set - D-rank, C-rank (Low), C-rank (Low)
3rd Set - C-rank (Low), C-rank (Low), C-rank (High)
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Small

Lightweight (Must have Completed Featherweight)
1st Set - C-rank (Low), Elite C-rank, Elite C-rank
2nd Set - B-rank (Low), B-rank (Low), B-rank (Low)
3rd Set - B-rank (High), B-rank (High), Elite B-rank
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Humanoid and smaller

Welterweight (Must have Completed Lightweight)
1st Set - Elite B-rank, Elite B-rank, A-rank (Low)
2nd Set - A-rank (Low), A-rank (Low), A-rank (Low)
3rd Set - A-rank (Low), A-rank (Low), A-rank (High)
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Medium(S-M) and smaller

Heavyweight (Must have Completed Welterweight)
1st Set - A-rank (Low), A-rank (High), A-rank (High)
2nd Set - A-rank (High), A-rank (High), Elite A-rank
3rd Set - Elite A-rank, S-rank (Low), S-rank (Low)
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Medium(L-XL) and smaller

Super Heavyweight (Must have Completed Heavyweight)
1st Set - S-rank (Low), S-rank (Low), S-rank (High)
2nd Set - S-Class (High), S-rank (Low), S-rank (High)
3rd Set - S-rank (High), S-rank (High), Elite S-rank
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Large (S-M) and smaller

Rift-weight (Awakened Only) [Must have Completed Super Heavyweight]
1st Set - Awakened D-rank, Awakened C-rank (Low), Awakened C-rank (High)
2nd Set - A. C-rank (High), A. Elite C-rank. A. B-rank (Low)
3rd Set - A. B-rank (Low), A. B-rank (High), A. Elite B-rank
4th Set - A. Elite B-rank, A. A-rank (Low), A. A-rank (High)
5th Set - A. A-rank (High), A. Elite A-rank, A. S-rank (Low)
6th Set - A. S-rank (Low), A. S-rank (High), A. Elite S-rank
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Large(L-XL) and smaller

Legendary-Weight (Only One you don't have to Unlock)
This Features only Legendary Shinobi from NB's Past (NPCS Only) and once completed (21 Streak) it unlocked Void-Weight. Unlike the others one is able to leave after a single win but unless you defeat a set boss if you return you have to start from the beginning. In addition all opponents are at least S-rank (Low), with bosses typically being "Z"-rank.
1. Thorn Path
2. Abyss Path
3. Silence Path
4. Chaos Path
5. Graves Path
6. Frost Path
Set Bosses after every 6 Streaks (Only time one is Healed.)
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Colossal and smaller

Void Weight
Once one enters they are unable to leave until all 21 Fights are complete, unlike before they are healed after every fight to full capacity. This weight class only features Legendary Shinobi from NB's Past (PC's Only) and upon being completed becomes unavailable. In addition all opponents are in the 1st set are at least S-rank (Low), First Set Bosses will be Elite S-rank. All opponents in the 2nd set are at least S-rank (High) while second Set Bosses will be "Z"-rank. all opponents in the final set are at least Elite S-rank The final boss is "X"-rank.
This can be challenged in Solo, Pair or Team from the start and gives the best rewards out of them all, likewise it also goes in groups of 7 with a Set Boss, however unlike the other weight classes one is NOT healed after fighting a set boss instead they have to beat the next fight before they are healed.
Size of Pet/Summon Able to be used - Titanic and smaller



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The Pits of Tartaros
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