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 Tartaros Choke-Point

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PostSubject: Tartaros Choke-Point   3rd January 2015, 4:01 pm

Name: Tartaros Choke-Point
Description: The Tartaros Choke-Point is a large fortress built around the entrance to the Pits. People can freely come and go so that they may participate in the Pits. However, the fortress has also taken advantage of this special entrance way. Various traps are laid out all through the fortress that, when stepped on, will instantly transport someone to the Pits. This can be used as a means for escape, but is mainly used to send attacking enemies away at a moment's notice and unexpectedly. Beyond that, the fortress is a simple circular structure with several tall towers and walled with sturdy, metal defenses and weapons.
Exact Location within Area Around Taratros, center of Gehenna

Current Places Within

Overall Income Generated 13,000 Xei
Overall Upkeep
20 Fail Tier Troops
10 Low Tier Troops

Current Personalities:

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Tartaros Choke-Point
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