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 ADOPT A CHARACTER: Marcuss Dupree

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ADOPT A CHARACTER: Marcuss Dupree Empty
PostSubject: ADOPT A CHARACTER: Marcuss Dupree   ADOPT A CHARACTER: Marcuss Dupree Icon_minitime11th December 2014, 9:59 pm

Personal Info

Name: Marcuss Dupree
Alias: **********
Age: **********
Gender:[b] Male
Weight: **********
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Personality: Marcus is a playful soul, with zero interests in getting angry at anything. Even in the heat of combat and in the darkest of nights Marcuss can't help but find a way to smile and keep on going. Its not that he never gets angry and is always happy but more that he truely hates anger. Its a 'stupid' emotion serving no purpose to Marcuss. Much more can be achieved with a smile than with a frown anyway. Marcuss does have a deep sense of pride for his fellow shinobi as well, very much enjoying learning about other people. He takes a special interest in learning about about other nations and often takes free time to 'explore' the lands.

Appearance: **********

History: **********

Dakar Info

Village: **********
Rank: **********

Genetic Structure: Life Release

Core: **********




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