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 Oichi Machida WIP

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PostSubject: Oichi Machida WIP   Oichi Machida WIP Icon_minitime7th September 2014, 5:45 am

Personal Info

Name: Oichi Machida
Alias: Lustful Shadow Oichi
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 Ibs
Zodiac Sign: Rat




Ninja Info

Village: N/A
Rank: B Rank Missing
Clan: Mikaboshi
Chakra Nature: Earth

Primary Weapon:Weapon Name: Raven
Type of Weapon:Amatsu
Rank: B
How Many: 1
Special Ability: An Amatsu is a special weapon in which all Mikaboshi clan members receive the moment they are conceived. It functions as an external chakra storage device which can only be controlled by Mikaboshi clan member and ranks up with them. Their upper limits to storing chakra is equal to the Mikaboshi clan members chakra limit and it can only be destroyed by an equal-rank Physical technique or an above rank and 1-rank above chakra technique however it simply regenerates after the topic is over as the only way it can truly be destroyed is by killing its owner. An Amatsu has the ability to absorb chakra from equal rank and below attacks as well as ambient chakra straight from the body of an opponent upon contact siphoning an equal rank amount. The Bond with an Amatsu and its user is even closer than family as they are inseparable and due to that this unique weapons potential has yet to be fully explored.

Secondary Weapon:
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Oichi Machida WIP
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