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 Meeting Oji-San (Kimiko + Tika)

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PostSubject: Meeting Oji-San (Kimiko + Tika)   27th July 2014, 1:58 am

Shortly after the truce between the remainder of the Shinobi forces and the Shogunate forces. They met on a predetermined middle point and spoke and soon got to an agreement. The two forces were now just talking between themselves, as old comrades greeted one another and new ones were made. In the middle of it all as Kimiko... She just stood around, waiting to go home as this trip had been exhausting. She just looked around, she didn't feel comfortable being there, way to many strangers... Her blade pulsed a bit as most of the people there knew her name and she didn't know how to feel like that. Was the great Kimiko Verin Sasori really that great? Who can say.
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Meeting Oji-San (Kimiko + Tika)
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