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 The Love of Knowledge(Travel Topic)

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PostSubject: The Love of Knowledge(Travel Topic)   24th May 2014, 5:28 pm

The air was crisp, moist and heavy in the middle of the day the boats could be heard almost deafining as they entered the dock. Hakuyune was standing at the edge of the water over looking the sea and thinking of what his next move should be, he could go too this scholar learning area he had heard about or simply keep at it his own way. He had made it along very well as of late and his skill was something too be revered in most areas he could defeat the best of shinobi. He would sigh turning his head too look behind him the land of souls maybe there was someone or something there worth watching and learning from or possibly there was a area that would be perfect too place a school on it all was alot too think about soo without another thought Haku began walking deeper into the land of souls, Leaving the port behind as he made good pace at a slow C rank speed looking as though he was moving at E rank speeds stopping and moving in the blink of and eye at C rank speeds.

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The Love of Knowledge(Travel Topic)
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